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23 months – hope


Happy 23 months Amaya!

This past month, your dad and I talked a lot about hope – our hopes for your future and the world in which you’ll live. If your dad could only instill two things in you, they would be resilience and independence. For me, they would be kindness and empathy. After watching yesterday’s midterm elections, I’m deeply saddened. We didn’t see the blue wave we hoped for, but ripples make waves and Beto has changed the tide in big ways for Texas and our nation. I’m humbled to witness dialogue of inclusivity, empathy, and hope in a time where our rhetoric is based in fear. I’m hopeful because even though Beto lost yesterday after an awe-inspiring campaign, we DID make progress. 116 women were elected in the US midterm elections. 95 women were elected to the US House. 12 women were elected to the US Senate. 9 women were elected to serve as Governor. 42 women of color were elected in the midterm elections. And we witnessed our first Latina, Black, and Native American women in their respective offices! [Shared from: In her shoes movement]

Amaya, now more than ever, we must be kind; we must lift each other up; we must open lines of communication; we must seek to listen, understand, and connect; and most importantly, we must dust ourselves off and keep moving forward.  You are bright, sweet child, and so is your future. Be the change!

You Like: elephant pants, cookies (had your first a few weeks before Halloween), drawing with markers/chalk, watching Camila’s swim lesson videos, doing things by yourself like washing your hands, wearing sunglasses, acro yoga with mommy, wearing bows, Cookie Monster, cars, muffins

You Dislike: diaper changes…might have to move towards pull-ups soon

Stats: 24 lbs, 18 months clothes, size 6 shoe

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: learning to count to 1o in Spanish, French, and Vietnamese; speaking in fuller phrases “I want pancakes”
  • New songs: still loving “the wheels on the bus”
  • New concepts: telling us you need to go pee pee, sitting on the potty with diaper off (sometimes), building and color coordinating with blocks

Going in to your 2nd year

I had the realization the other day that I absolutely adore you. You are such an incredible human, and it’s an honor to witness your blossoming personality, especially your quirks, habits, and language. Your development is skyrocketing, and we can barely keep up! This month, your aptitude for language has become apparent, and your dad and I are exposing you to Vietnamese, French, and more Spanish through books and songs. It’s so fun to talk to you and hear how you construct sentences. Your desire for independence is also growing, so we’re rapidly changing the house to make it easier for you to wash your hands and brush your teeth on your own as well as grab snacks. Your friends are starting to potty train, and you’ve started to show interest, so we’re preparing for that too! Life is always evolving with you, and I’m embracing this change and your growth. I look forward to celebrating your birthday soon and the holidays! This next month will be a doozy!

Memorable Moments:

  • You gave a boy your balloon after his flew away. It made him stop crying. You were so generous!
  • A successful picture day! And you even posed! 😀
  • Fall festival at daycare, and your awesome donut costume!
  • Dinner with Olive and her mama at Mellizoz’s and dessert at Elizabeth Street
  • Hearing you count to 10 in Espanol, and we had no idea you knew how.
  • Trick-or-treating with JT and Annie; we got to 5 houses before the rain poured down, and you had the time of your life. You also got to have a cookie for dinner which resulted in a meltdown before you finally ate real food
  • Fun afternoon at the park then pizza for dinner – enjoying the beautiful fall weather after weeks of rain
  • Wagon time with Gavin (you were his seatbelt) and a fun impromptu dinner with our friends
  • Lots of stroller rides and collecting acorns
  • Wearing matching UT outfits as a family – as Derick said, maybe it’s just b/c we’re older, but it was super cute 😉
  • Watching you walk around in your elephant pants

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