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this weekend i conducted an impromptu focus group on one of my favorite topics: chocolate! this stemmed from a conversation with my CEO on his love of Vosges and other chocolates from around the world. thus i spent this weekend gathering samples of chocolate and forcing trandy and sevag to taste test with me. after a few minutes of close-eyed adoration and mouth-smacking sensation, we came to a few conclusions on local faves.

the taste test:
Vosges – $7 chocolate bar proclaimed to be “the best” by those who know chocolate. dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. verdict: top-notch across the board!n trandy’s mouth


Vosges bar

Miles of chocolate – found at central market in the refrigerated section. a mix between fudge and brownie, this is extremely rich and delicious. verdict: a for-sure fave but on the sweeter side.


miles of chocolate bite

Black Bottom cupcake from polka dots – the cupcake itself was ok, but there’s this chocolate chip cream cheese frosting surprise in the center that had everyone digging to find more. verdict: delightful center!


black bottom cupcake from polka dots

other local favorites i recommend:
Mary Louise Butters seriously stout brownie – incredibly moist because it’s made with beer!
John Kelly truffle fudge bites with dark chocolate and french grey sea salt – this is heaven, trust me. not made in austin but can be found at central market ($15 for a box of 4), and i just found out they won an award in 2009.
Grandma’s Chocolate Cake from Uppercrust Bakery – amazingly moist cake with incredible chocolate cream cheese icing; i’ve never served this without hearing squeals of delight :)

favorites from around the world:
Le Notre – best known for their beautiful dessert creations and pricey chocolates. a must-try next time you’re on the champs elysees
Churros y chocolate at La Pallaresa in Barcelona – the BEST chocolate suizo (swiss hot chocolate) i’ve ever experienced. thick, rich goodness, almost like drinking melted chocolate but surprisingly not too overbearing.
Lindt milk chocolate with almonds – this is the chocolate i always re-stock at home, but it tastes better in europe.

lastly, where can you sample amazing chocolate in austin? the austin chocolate festival! check back for 2011 dates and prepare to be amazed!

thanks trandy and sevag for being my loyal chocolate test subjects 😀


  • ivytruong April 26, 2010 Reply

    YAY. love your blog, sherrie! following you now on my RSS feed. YEAA!!

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