Slow Dance




 Take a moment for a slow dance.

Last Sunday night we came home after being on the go and on a high for nearly two weeks. We went to Houston to spend time with our families, celebrate the good news, and connect with great friends. By the time we got home Sunday around 7pm we were seriously wiped. As we settled on to the couch, Andy pulled out his iPad to play a game, and I was about to reach for a book. Instead, I decided to play Keith Urban – Without You on my phone and placed it on the table between us. I looked up and asked Andy to dance.

We slow danced in the middle of the living room, nearly unmoving, holding each other tight. I felt tears spring to my eyes, and when I leaned back to look up at him, I saw his eyes gleaming too. We didn’t need to speak many words to realize how momentous that moment was. It was the first time we had slowed down to just appreciate the present moment we were in and reflect on all the wonderfulness that had transpired. We didn’t need gifts, parties, or even people to feel the greatest depth of groundedness and simple joy. All it took was a quiet moment, an unspoken look, and a connection. We were in total peace.

In life, we’re always on this rollercoaster. Good things happen; bad things happen. But we don’t need to label them as such, they are merely occurrences. The key is to not get wound up in all the highs and lows but to try to stay steady through it all. And this is what I mean by grounding. Finding stillness when things are changing all around you; finding peace when things aren’t necessarily peaceful. We don’t benefit from too many highs, and we definitely can’t wallow too long in the lows.

So stand with your two feet on the ground and really feel it. Feel the connection to the earth, this moment, your life. Trust that you can find steadiness with your own two feet no matter where you are. And I hope you take a moment for a slow dance :)




  • john kidenda (@johnkidenda) August 1, 2013 Reply

    I couldn’t agree more, thanks for the insight

  • PeggyKL August 1, 2013 Reply

    So sweet. <3

    Great reminder!

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