the hunt for a sweet treat



my friend christine and i set out yesterday in search of a dessert snack, as we both have a raging sweet tooth. this quickly led to a scavenger hunt around the city to satisfy a specific craving we didn’t even know we had.

it began with the great idea of getting bubble tea. i don’t know a lot of great places in austin, so the usuals are tapioca house and coco’s cafe from my UT days. however, christine proclaims to love Momoko’s which is also near campus, so that’s where we landed.

this place is adorable and exploding with fun trinkets of japanese characters as well as asian snacks like pocky. the menu is kind of overwhelming, but my gauge of good bubble tea is to stick to the basics. so i ordered an almond milk tea with vanilla pudding. great almond taste, not too overwhelming, and the pudding is a perfect complement.



as a bonus to this excursion, we happened across all the beautiful murals that have popped up around campus. three cheers for local art!

mural outside of jamba juice on the drag

when bubble tea wasn’t enough of a sweet delight, we started talking about cupcakes and how i’ve fallen in love with polka dots but have never experienced it. (i’m following them on facebook and always get updates on all the fun cookies/cakes that olga makes.) since we were close by, we decided to drop in…sadly they are closed on sundays.

well now we had cupcake on the brain, and there was no turning back. so off we went on a cupcake scavenger hunt! we attempted sugar mama’s on south first, but this idea quickly vanished. they close at 4 on sundays. the next option was delish, a newer place on 3rd. and they open til 5!

delish is cute and the owner very sweet. we tried the chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake (flavor of the day) and mexican vanilla, one of their most popular. honestly, i didn’t think the mexican vanilla lived up to the hype; it tasted like plain vanilla and was too sweet. however the chocolate chip cookie dough frosting on the other cupcake was amazing! it was literally like eating raw cookie dough, and it’s not made with eggs, so yay! seriously, this flavor should stick around.


mexican vanilla cupcake @delish

next time i embark on a cupcake hunt in austin, i hope it’s met with more success. tip: make sure to purchase one of those nifty “cup-a-cake” to-go containers so that you’re always ready to grab and go! :)


  • Peggy Keefe April 19, 2010 Reply

    Mmm, I love cupcakes. Thanks for the recs! So far I've only tried delish (for a bday party), Quacks, and Lick It, Bite It, or Both (super close to me on Burnet/Kramer). All were great. Can't remember what I ate from delish but Quacks has a great carrot cake & Lick It has amazing peanut butter icing on chocolate.

  • Patrick Nguyen April 19, 2010 Reply

    if you suddenly decide to be a cupcake connoisseur, i can recommend Cupcake Couture in San Antonio. it's like edible art, and delicious!

  • Sherrie Nguyen April 19, 2010 Reply

    nice @peggy – i can try quacks next week when we're at dolce vita! @patrick i'm down for a trip to san antonio to try this!

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