10 months – Independent


Happy 10 months Amaya! You are growing so quickly, and we love witnessing the world through your eyes. From crawling to eating to babbling, every minute with you is an adventure. Your teachers, other parents, and our friends keep telling us how they love your toothy grin and that you’re happy and independent. You are small but mighty, and you are the best kind of weird. You are the center of mommy and daddy’s world. We love you!

You Like: feeding yourself, eating yogurt, purple and blue plastic circular toys, reading books (over and over), kissing pages of books, hugging your bear, brushing your teeth, daddy giving you funny hairdos during bath time, playing on the bathroom floor, watching football, rock music (and guitars), playing with your friends at daycare, being outside and watching squirrels, eating and food in general, hanging with your doggies, waving goodbye, looking out the window, waving with a floppy hand (like Forest Gump waves to Lieutenant Dan), drinking water from a cup with no lid, wearing your hat or daddy’s hat

You Dislike: being in your carseat, being fed by a spoon, having people in your personal space, sitting still for stories before bed, taking your second nap

Stats: Weight – ;  Height – ; Head – ; Weight-for-Length –

Developmental Milestones:
  • Crawling super fast (not super interested in walking yet)
  • Free-standing for a few seconds, going from squatting/seated to free-standing
  • Standing on one leg while sticking out the other leg (like a peeing dog pose lol)
  • Cruising along furniture
  • Great pincer grasp and loves picking up peas
  • Points at things she wants
  • Goes over to glider and pulls up when ready to nurse (also waves bye to daddy when I pick her up to nurse her)
  • Reaches up with both arms to be picked up
  • Has strong preferences and vocalizes them (toys she likes, foods she wants to eat, things she wants to do by herself)
  • Particular about her space (stands up for herself and crawls away if her friends try to get in her personal space or take away a toy from her)
  • 6 teeth! (4 on top, 2 on bottom)

Memorable moments:

  • Going on walks and stopping to watch squirrels and smell rosemary
  • Road trip to San Antonio for Simon and J’s gender reveal
  • First parent teacher conference at daycare and hearing how wonderful you are and how much your teacher loves you
  • Watching you pick a book and plop down on daddy’s lap while he reads to you
  • Seeing your entire face break out into a smile
  • Hearing your giggle when we kiss your neck
  • When you blow raspberries and make fart noises on my leg
  • Every time I pick you up from your crib and you nuzzle into my neck and rub my arm
  • Your slobbery open-mouthed kisses
  • Having daddy do your hair
  • The way you call everything “doh”
  • Streaming ACL and watching Amaya dance to a grunge rock band (not at all interested in rap music)
  • Checking out Be More Pacific’s soft opening (and smelling/tasting their fresh herb plants outside!)
  • Watching you FaceTime with grandparents and kiss the phone
  • Girls date at Fresa’s and Dolce Neve with Bao, Evie and Amelia

Mantra: Be mindful

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