11 months – Transitions


Amaya! You are 11 months today and almost 1 year old! I can’t believe how time is flying, but we are cherishing every moment together. Everyone says you are such a happy baby, and I get to witness this daily as you smile with your entire face so that your eyes clothes. You shine such a bright light on my life and keep me grounded and optimistic about the road ahead and my place in this world. Thank you for constantly reminding me to stay present and pushing me to be better.

You Like: blowing kisses, walking around while holding our hands, playing in all the areas we haven’t baby-proofed, going for stroller rides, dancing to music, petting your dogs, taking baths, eating eggs/chicken/all things protein, pointing, having mommy hold you, and telling us what you want (and don’t want!)

You Dislike: being confined to your play area, finishing your bottles, being cooped up in the house

Stats: Weight – ;  Height – ; Head – ; Weight-for-Length –

Developmental Milestones:
  • Taking your first stumbly steps, not quite walking but soon!
  • Free-standing for much longer
  • Drinking water from a sippy cup
  • Pointing and asking for things (like stroller rides and certain foods)
  • Communicating more and more each day!


As I think about your upcoming first birthday, I’m amazed at how quickly the time has flown. I know it’s such a cliché, but it’s true that the days are long and the year(s) are short. Since I’m currently in transition in my career, I have the gift of time. We haven’t changed your routine at daycare, but I find that I’m less rushed and savoring the little moments we share in the mornings and afternoons. My time with you is filled with wonder and curiosity and so much sweetness. I bounce between this sense of space and also this anxiety about finding the right opportunity to ensure I can support you financially and also live my biggest self. It’s funny how being a parent has changed my perspective in such a short time. I feel this intense responsibility to help shape the person you will become, but in my heart, I know there’s only so much I can do. You are already such a vocal, spunky, and loving girl. And even as you change and grow, you’re spirit was already apparent from day 1.

So as I do some soul searching about my next career move, I’m inspired to find small ways to protect this sense of space and my time with you. It’s helping me define my non-negotiables like having flexible time and working for empathetic leaders. I’m also realizing that it’s not about big notions but rather small, defining moments that I will remember and cherish of this time with you. I haven’t taken you on a trip, and I probably won’t be planning a giant first birthday party. But I’ll remember the serenity of our walks in the mornings and the way it feels when you lie your sleepy head on my shoulder before bed. I love doing all your favorite things with you and am honored that you just enjoy being with me. I can imagine the day when you’ll be running around, then going off to school. But today, life is simple and carefree, and this is where I choose to be.

Memorable moments:

  • Reading your good night book and having you blow a kiss whenever I say “blow a kiss goodnight!”
  • Crying and not getting your picture taken at daycare even though you had on the cutest outfit
  • Coaxing you to take a few steps by holding the remote
  • Blowing and giving kisses to me and daddy
  • Spending time with family in Houston
  • Seeing you walk around in your F150 truck walker
  • The pure joy on your face when you get to go on a stroller ride and how you always hold the shoulder straps
  • Dressing up as a piece of sushi for Halloween
  • Going trick or treating on a whim when the rain stopped
  • Finding out that you faked drinking your bottle just to appease your teachers
  • Getting together with friends for a UT reunion while Cathy was in town

Mantra: Live simply and freely.


  • Thanh November 7, 2017 Reply

    Reading this made me tear up, it really is about cherishing the small moments and our babies are getting big fast! Happy 11 months Amaya! I love reading about her milestones and memories!

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