3 Months – Growing Up


Happy 3 months Amaya! You started daycare and are such a big girl now. I can’t believe how fast you’re growing before our eyes! This month has been a big shift in routine, understanding your preferences, and feeling more and more comfortable on a daily basis. Your Week 12 growth spurt has been difficult to understand and manage, but you seem to be coming out of it soon. Thank you for hanging in there while daddy and I figure things out. We love you more and more each day!

You Like: sleeping on peoples’ chests, being in your carrier, car rides, reading, your mobile, being on the changing table, bathtime, staring at fans, observing patterns, your kick pad, sitting upright, and talking

You Dislike: hiccups, not getting enough sleep, napping in your crib, laying flat for too long

Stats: Weight –  Height –  Head – ; Weight-for-Length – (unsure…our next wellness visit is next month!)


Wow transitioning to daycare has been great and hard all at the same time. Amaya didn’t drink well from the bottle the first day nor did she nap much. After being up for 3 hours in the middle of the night before due to her growth spurt, she was exhausted and over stimulated. The teachers were worried she was hungry and not taking the bottle so they called me to get her mid day. She was tired and fitful but finally took a long nap and then slept through the night except one nursing. Today feels like she had a hard reset and looks happy!

So far I’m loving her daycare and teachers. They are so sweet and loving, and they are proactive communicators. I was feeling sad and guilty for taking her to daycare, but then my friends reminded how much she’ll grow and develop through socializing with teachers and friends. After witnessing this during our trial and first day, I’m excited for her and all that she will learn! Now the hard part is working towards a new routine since I’m not home with her all day and making the most of our time with her at night. Andy started asking me to wake him up before I leave so he can see her. It’s a huge adjustment, but I feel all the better for it and know it’ll help her out in the long run to have some predictability.

Back to Work

Today is my first day back to work, and it’s been slow and easy. Everyone is so welcoming and happy to see me, and I feel like not much has changed. I got in late after a chiro appointment and grabbing coffee, and then I set up my pump stuff and started working through email. I have achieved my goal for today in just being here and getting organized and am excited to pick up Amaya mid afternoon. I thought I’d feel emotional but yesterday’s trial at daycare while I was still off was super helpful. I’m taking care of myself emotionally and feel great. I’m also excited to dive into some fun projects soon and am so grateful to my team for taking care of things while I was gone. It feels great to feel needed and to use my brain this way again. I also know I’m leading by example for Amaya of what it’s like to be a working mom, and this makes me happy. Daycare pick up will be the highlight of my day!


This past weekend in prepping for Amaya’s first day of school and going back to work, Andy and I got to experience what it was like to grocery shop and meal prep for the week. There’s lots to coordinate and tag team and so much to prep ahead of time to help us get out the door each morning. I feel like our relationship is blossoming in so many new ways, and our tightness as a family is growing as well. This is probably the first week I’ve felt that way, and I’m happy to see me and Andy’s relationship with Amaya balancing out as I go back to work. I love how I can depend on him and share responsibilities. This was so critical this past week especially. The night before her first day at daycare she cried every hour and slept fitfully from 8-11 and then was wide awake from 11-2. We were both exhausted but just kept taking turns and relieving each other to get things done like cooking, cleaning, packing for the next day, and sleeping. It was an incredible feeling to be so in sync. Team work makes the dream work! Thank you for being an amazing husband!

Memorable moments:

  • Making more connected sounds and having conversations
  • Attempting to sit up and roll
  • Sleeping for 8 hours
  • Going to the store in a carrier
  • First trip to Houston to meet family
  • First day of daycare
  • The end of maternity leave

Mantra: Some days are great, and some days are off. I have to always remember – tomorrow is a new day.

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