4 Months – Big Girl


Happy 4 months Amaya! I look at you and can’t believe you’ve doubled in weight since birth. Your eyes are so alert and curious. You are exploring so much with your mouth and hands, grabbing on to things and drooling on everything. Your teachers even comment on how much you have developed, and it makes me proud to see you thriving!

You Like: reading books, singing songs, especially “If All The Rain Drops” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” mommy blowing raspberries on your tummy, tummy time – you actually don’t mind it now! your daycare teachers and friends, being outside

You Dislike: laying in one place for too long, the nose frida and having your nose wiped

Stats: Weight – 12 lbs 13 oz (21%) Height – 23.5 in (13%) Head – 41.4 cm (74%) ; Weight-for-Length – 51%

Developmental Milestones:

  • Self soothing to sleep
  • Sleeping unswaddled
  • Rolling from tummy to back
  • Napping at daycare
  • Taking 3.5 oz bottles
  • Sitting up
  • Talking


Amaya is getting into a great routine at daycare! She takes two naps each day for 1 to 2 hours in her crib and uses a sleep sack. She’s been taking 3 bottles a day of 3 oz and recently increased to 3.5 oz. All the teachers love her and say she’s so sweet. I get updates weekly with pictures on the words they learn, songs they sing, and activities they do. She loves to spend time outside on the deck and lays in her boppy watching her friends move around. I think this helped her want to sit up. It’s fun to see her develop so quickly as she emulates the other kids around her. Each week the class has music day, plays outside with balls, reads books, sings nursery rhymes, and makes art with their hand and foot prints. I love our daycare Sun Moon and Stars because of the warm, friendly environment and incredible staff. I also signed up for my first school event – Spring Festival Around the World! Our class is doing Vietnam. More to come next month!

Work Life Balance

I’ve gotten into a good groove at work and even managed to plan and launch a product release in the first 3 weeks I was back. It feels like I was never gone, hah! Everyone at work is flexible with my pump schedule and my hours. I take advantage of our work from home time Tuesday mornings and Wednesday afternoons and have started to do quick workouts during those times. I also get some errands done, which frees me up to focus 100% on Amaya when she gets home. Every day I’m grateful for my manager, team, and coworkers. Square Root family day was a testament to that as everyone was so excited see Amaya and welcomed her to the family. Job love!

Me Time

I’m getting better at making me time a priority! I’ve started PT exercises to help with my neck/shoulder tension and mommy wrist. I’ve felt some relief but not a ton; I know it’ll take work and diligence. I started up BBG again 3 times a week. It’s slow going, but I remember this from the first time and know I’ll get stronger. The last two weeks I’ve also relinquished the need to put Amaya to bed on Friday and have had two girls’ nights! Andy did Amaya’s bedtime routine himself and I got to relax and enjoy some time with my friends. It felt so freeing! I sense a turning point, especially if we can get grandparents to give her a bottle and put her down. Maybe we’ll get more date nights when we go to Houston!


Andy and I are really thriving in our new routines and tag teaming seamlessly. Her sleep routine is getting easier and more efficient. Middle of the night feedings (when they happen) are split between us in a way that I don’t ever wake up feeling sleep deprived. And Amaya is really connecting with Andy – she giggled for him first! Last Sunday Andy randomly suggested we get outside and go to a crawfish boil at ABGB. It was a fun way to spend time as a family, and Amaya loved people watching. The weather was perfect, and the food was good; it made me so grateful for simple moments together as a family. I look forward to all the things we’ll be able to do as she gets bigger!

We’ve decided to make it a priority to go to Houston each month so she can see family. This last trip was hard b/c traffic was bad, and we had to stop to feed her in a Walmart parking lot. It won’t be easy, but I definitely want Amaya to grow up knowing her family, so we want to make the effort. She loves spending time with her grandparents, Auntie Jennifer, and Uncles Richard and Joseph!

Memorable moments:

  • Talking tons! The daycare teachers call her Miss Chatty
  • Sitting up in her chair and bumbo for the first time
  • Sleeping for 10 hours straight
  • Square Root family field day
  • Giggling for daddy
  • Starting to drool like crazy
  • Grabbing her feet in happy baby pose
  • First cold and now constant runny nose #daycarelife

Mantra: Don’t overthink it.

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