7 months – Flow

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Happy 7 months Amaya! You are quickly becoming an independent little baby. Now that you’re eating solids, you can sit at the table and participate in meal time; it’s a game changer! I love hearing your giggles and watching you explore. You seem to prefer your mama at times, but daddy can always make you laugh with his funny faces and games of peekaboo. This month we really embraced slowing down instead of rushing, and as a result, I feel so much more aware of each moment. I find more ease in our days and realize that we are finding our flow. Your mama and daddy are also learning how to make quality time for each other and are more fully present when we’re with you. There are so many sweet, seemingly insignificant memories we’ve created as a result!

You Like: chewing on your banana toothbrush, all bottles/cups, tags, pulling mommy’s glasses off my face and putting them in your mouth, playing peekaboo, laughing at your doggies, eating carrots and green beans, turning pages and lifting flaps of books, the blue horse and purple cat in Brown Bear Brown Bear, seeing your reflection in the mirror, squealing when we pick you up from daycare

You Dislike: water on your head in the bath, having your pjs put on, lying on the changing table

Stats: Weight – 15 ish lbs;  Height – ; Head – still big; Weight-for-Length – (no check up until 9 months!)

Developmental Milestones:

  • Teething! We can see one, maybe two white dots where a tooth is coming in (some fussiness going to bed, but manageable)
  • Sleeping 8pm-7/8am, napping 30 min-1.5 hours twice a day usually
  • Saying “dadada” “mmm mmm” and babbling a lot more with consonant sounds
  • Really enjoying solids! Has tried carrots and green beans, plums and peaches, yogurt, eggs, apple, cantaloupe (loves veggies but not a big fan of fruits)
  • Goes from seated to all fours (rocks back and forth) to belly
  • Pivots clockwise/counter clockwise around on belly
  • Starting to pull up onto our legs/lap from seated (will probably have to drop the crib down soon!)


Amaya has signs of a first tooth! It hasn’t broken skin, but I see it coming up. She’s been gnawing on everything in sight from the banana tooth brush to my finger to teething rings. She seems ok during the day, but nights have been a little rough lately. She’ll wake up crying hard and need to be soothed; one night she woke up every hour from 9-12 crying. We’ve tried Camilia homeopathic drops, and it’s hard to tell if they are working or not. One night she passed out and didn’t wake up until 8am, but the next night she took it and woke up twice. This is such a phase! Poor thing. However, there’s such sweetness in being a source of comfort to your child, that you only get in these baby phases, so I’m trying to enjoy the snuggles. A few nights ago Andy sat with Amaya while she tried to fall back asleep around 11pm. I stood in the door and watched him seated on the floor next to her crib. Her little fingers were reaching out to hold his hand, and he was kissing her forehead through the crib rails. My heart fell out of my chest!


Solids has been a game changer! After I got over the anxiety of solids and everything you have to learn, prepare, do to get started, I’ve begun to love it mostly because Amaya is getting the hang of eating! And she enjoys it! This past weekend we went to breakfast with Allie, Roberto, and Camila, and both kids sat at the table eating with us. It was eye opening to experience eating out with kids. I definitely know what to look for in kid-friendly restaurants now – bar height tables generally suck, we bring our own portable high chair, and menu options are important! I love seeing how Amaya reacts to different foods and watching her actively open her mouth for the next spoonful. It makes me so happy! Andy’s mom has also been clutch; she prepared some delicious purees that Amaya has been devouring. The only down side is the poops! Lol.

Breastfeeding is still her #1 source of nutrition until 1 year, and I’m proud of myself for making it to 7 months (about 50% of moms have stopped for one reason or another by this point). It continues to be a challenging journey with all its up and downs in terms of pumping, keeping up supply, washing/making bottles, working through freezer stash, nursing in public, etc. Not to mention trying to think through and find accommodations for pumping off-site for work/random events! This has happened to me several times so far, and I’m amazed at the locations that can’t accommodate a nursing mom – it gives me deep empathy for those who struggle with ADA accessibility. But I can absolutely say I love breastfeeding and the sweet moments we get together. I’ll keep it up as long as she lets me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Mommy and Daddy Day

This past Monday both Andy and I took off before the 4th, and we decided to put Amaya in daycare so we could spend a day baby-free. It was GLORIOUS. I spent the morning swimming at Barton Springs alone and treated myself to a coffee and scone after. Then Andy and I went out to lunch, had a nap, and did a little shopping before picking up Amaya early. We felt rejuvenated and also super excited to go get her. It was a treat to see her squeal and smile when she saw us both walk through the door. We’re going to try and do a mommy/daddy day once a month from here on out. This is a game changer for alone time!

Little Moments

With my focus of slowing down and creating space, I have been mindful of keeping us under-scheduled. I don’t commit to many activities anymore, and I say no to alot. I also don’t plan much so we can do what we want on a whim and not worry about nap times/feedings. We went to Houston this past time without any plans, and it was the most pleasant trip we’ve had yet. It allowed me to enjoy a two hour nap with Amaya laying side by side in bed for the first time! She even rolled over on her tummy and nestled into me, so we spooned. When she woke up, she looked up at my face and smiled. Swoon! This is one of those seemingly insignificant little moments that I will remember vividly for years to come.

Memorable moments:

  • First restaurant dinner in a high chair at New Fortune with Uncle Derick and Aunt Liz
  • Getting from Houston to Austin in 2.5 hours and no stops
  • Watching daddy play peekaboo with you and seeing you get startled and then giggle
  • Seeing you aggressively eat carrots and green beans (cooked in chicken broth) that your grandma made for you
  • Taking my glasses off and smiling while giving me an eskimo kiss with your nose before you stick my glasses in your mouth
  • Our first nap in bed together
  • Watching you reach your fingers between the crib rails to touch daddy’s hand as you reassure yourself he’s there waiting for you to fall asleep <3 melted my heart

Mantra: Create space for flow.

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