8 months – Being Kind


Happy 8 months Amaya! Baby girl, you are SO fun! Mommy and daddy love hanging out with you and watching you discover and explore the world around you. You’re a happy, easy going kid, and we are so grateful that you are ours! This month was a huge turning point for all of us – you’re crawling, mommy is focused on self care and working out, and daddy is stepping up in every way to make that possible. We are truly thriving as a family!

You Like: touching your forehead to things/people that you like, playing in the mirror, dark colored pictures (like black sheep and purple cat in Brown Bear), splashing water in the tub, making loud noises, rattles, your activity table and blocks, being near mommy or your daycare teacher, petting your doggies, hanging out at ABGB, eating everything, making your body limp and rolling off daddy, peekaboo, putting straps and buckles in your mouth, people watching, guitars, taking your multi-vitamin

You Dislike: water in your eyes, being on your back, having your diaper changed, putting on clothes

Stats: Weight – ;  Height – ; Head – ; Weight-for-Length – (no check up until 9 months!)

Developmental Milestones:

  • Crawling! (still working on baby proofing, but gates are up)
  • Pulling up to stand (we dropped the crib!)
  • Talking (mostly dada still) and blowing raspberries a ton
  • Really enjoying solids! Added zucchini, squash, chicken and rice, peaches, and blueberries to the list
  • Working on pincer grasp with puffs cereal – can pick up pieces fine but still working on getting it in her mouth

Being Kind

The theme this past month was being kind to myself and thus being kind to others. I was reflecting on the past quarter with my manager last week, and I realized how far I’ve come in life and at work. I remembered a specific conversation where I was in tears, and she asked me, “Did it occur to you that this is just really hard?” And my answer was no. I was so caught up in wanting to be a great mom, wife, and employee that I couldn’t see what a ridiculous expectation I put on myself. Even if I didn’t admit it out loud, I felt like I was supposed to have it all together, and the reality was that I didn’t. It took a lot of tears and frustration to finally see how I was robbing myself of joy. The realization finally hit: I wasn’t being kind to myself. I was doing the best that I could, but I was in auto pilot mode trying to survive and not doing things to care for myself so I could thrive. For me, being kind meant being ok with life being messy and embracing the ups and downs while still seeing the little joys.

Seizing Opportunities

As a result, I’ve started finding moments to treat myself with more kindness over the past few weeks, and I’ve seen a noticeable shift in my mood and my thinking. More importantly, I feel more grounded and more perceptive of people around me, especially Andy. I’ve made it a priority to work out, do yoga, swim, or meditate during the week, and whenever I’m doing these things, I am fully present. There are moments when I’ll want to rush back home, but I allow myself to really enjoy the time I have and let go of the guilt. I am also getting into the practice of not taking myself out (as Andy puts it). I usually say no to things before I really determine if I want to do them just out of habit. Now I’m more mindful of communicating what I want to do and asking Andy to step in (and actually allowing him to) so I can go to dinner with a friend or take a dance class at night.It’s ironic that I complained so much about feeling trapped when I created this concept mostly in my mind. Acknowledging that I have choices has created a dynamic shift in my thinking. I now feel more free and at ease. I feel like my old self; even better, I feel like a better version of my old myself.

My biggest takeaway is to be mindful and take a pause whenever I get into this frame of mind. Because life is full of ups and downs, and no one week looks like the next. My constant practice is to stay grounded so that I’m un-messable with and remembering that this requires attention and effort. On Sunday night, Andy and I went to bed early and just looked at old photos and videos of Amaya, commenting oh how different she looks and how different we feel as she’s growing up. If my entire life’s purpose could be summed up in one image, it would be that moment: at ease, observant, witnessing, resting, and reflecting. The image of pure love. Amaya – my hope is that you get to witness these small moments every day of your life.

Memorable moments:

  • So many visitors in Austin! Eating and story time with Tiffany, Bui and Michelle, ABGB for Sue’s bday, Chilantro with Jeff and Tracy
  • Hanging out with Joaquin for daddy’s bday
  • Spending time at Barton Springs watching kids on the diving board and listening to the drum circle
  • Seeing Cody and Camila at Julie’s bridal shower
  • Play date with Maddie and seeing family in Houston for my bday
  • Playing with her friend Xander at daycare
  • Riding in the stroller front facing
  • Riding in the shopping cart at Target
  • Trip to Houston – seeing old friends and their kids at Dave & Busters, spending time with grandma and grandpa (partying from 10pm-12am Saturday night…), see lots of family and her great grandparents

Mantra: Be kind. Don’t take yourself out.

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