9 months – Vegas and Goals


Happy 9 months Amaya! This feels like such a big milestone and a really fun age! You’re more independent, can get around so quickly, and mommy and daddy are rediscovering ourselves, individually and as a pair. We love watching your growth and development every day. We’re grateful to be getting sleep, happy to spend time with you, and thankful that you’re easy and predictable if we stick to a solid routine. You bring us so much joy!

You Like: kissing pages in books, feeding yourself puffs, your blue cylinder toy, the color blue, standing and holding onto your book shelf, kissing your bear’s nose, standing in your crib, crawling everywhere (especially towards dog bowls), pulling glasses off peoples’ faces, playing with your friends at daycare, your caregiver Ms. Michelle, clapping your hands, waving bye, eating eggs, throwing stuff on the floor, taking your vitamin, bathroom tile

You Dislike: laying on your back, having your nose wiped, getting your diaper changed

Stats: Weight – 16 lb 8 oz (20%);  Height – 26 in (5%); Head – 45 cm (81%); Weight-for-Length – 60%

Developmental Milestones:
  • Crawling fast and over things/people
  • Cruising along the crib rail
  • Going from standing to seated easily (awesome squat form!)
  • Improved pincer grasp – able to self feed puffs and pieces of egg/tofu/fruit
  • Clapping
  • Waving
  • 3 teeth!
  • Beginning to let go while standing and attempting to balance


This past month Andy took a guys trip to Vegas. It was going to be my first time on my own for the entire weekend, and I first approached it with a lot of anxiety and also some passive aggression towards Andy. I was a bit jealous of the freedom he had to travel; traveling for me would mean lugging a pump around and not the carefree mentality I used to have. (We’ve also decided we want to travel with Amaya when I’m done nursing for this reason.) Funny enough, for me to feel better about him taking this trip, I needed to remind myself to take better care of me. For over a month now I’ve been regularly working out, taking time for myself and meditating. All of this has reminded me that freedom is a frame of mind and a choice, and I can make it a priority. So with a little prep, Andy’s Vegas trip turned out to be one of the most fun weekends I have spent with Amaya. Andy and I took Friday off to spend the day together while Amaya was in daycare. This meant I started off the weekend feeling refreshed, relaxed, and energized; he also meal prepped for me so I didn’t have to worry about food. I then made plans to spend time with friends while also balancing Amaya’s nap schedule. I met up Emma at the Hill Country Galleria, where our babies had a chance to meet and interact a bit. I also hosted Liz, Bao, TramAnh and their daughters for a girls night that really fueled my soul. By the end of the weekend, both Amaya and I had a ton of fun; our cups felt full; and we were also well rested. I was proud of myself and felt really empowered to thrive on my own the entire weekend. Andy came home to two happy girls who were stoked to see him.


We did a goal setting exercise at work that really inspired me. I had to think hard about what I want to be when I grow up, and it sparked some fun ideas. We also have a “learn anything” budget at work that I haven’t used, so I had some money to back my ideas. Last week I started taking west coast swing private lessons, which has ignited the spirit of play in me again. I can’t remember the last time I went dancing, but I know for sure that dancing makes me smile so much my face hurts. It brings a lightness to my body, mind, and spirit. I’m so excited for this new journey over the next few months! I will also begin facilitating an 8 week mindfulness course at work which has renewed my sense of purpose I used to get from teaching yoga. I’m grateful for my coworkers giving me the opportunity to hold space for them on their meditation journey. Lastly, I am taking a stab at writing my book! For those of you who don’t know, this blog is fodder for the book I’ll someday write. And rather than getting hung up on the when, how, etc. I’m just going to start on a chapter and see how it goes. I have no goal in mind except to put thoughts to paper and enjoy the process of writing. I plan to do some write-away days at the Writing Barn later this year to dedicate my headspace to this. I never thought I would have start new hobbies and life goals as a new mom. But I am quickly realizing the fire in me that has been buried for awhile is ready to be ignited. The new, better version of me is blossoming, and I’m open to what will unfold!

Memorable moments:

  • Creating a dedicated play space for Amaya
  • Hosting a breakfast playdate for my December mommies group + babies
  • Meeting up with Emma and John Canyon
  • Play date with Evie, Amelia, and Gabby and having the girls tell me what they love about babies (the dimples on their chubby hands and the tops of their chubby feet)
  • 1X1 time with Evie – taking a night time walk and discussing love
  • Seeing Amaya fall asleep on her own for the first time after several days of Cry It Out
  • Spending time with my parents in Houston
  • Watching Amaya learn to self feed (and seeing Terri benefit from this!)
  • Seeing her cheesy, crooked smile and wrinkled nose
  • Watching Andy read to Amaya
  • Breaking in the new crib at Jen and Vu’s baby shower
  • Her wild and crazy, full belly laughs

Mantra: Embrace your sense of play. Be present. Start somewhere.

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