A Letter to my Unborn Daughter


Dear Baby,

You will be born 5 weeks from now. While I am excitedly anticipating your arrival, I woke up today afraid of the world into which you will be born. Last night we learned that there will be a new president, and it’s not the one I imagined. The rhetoric over these past months have been dominated by fear and hate across half the population of this country while the rest of us held on to ideals of hope and possibility. The clear divide in the people of this country was never apparent to me until now. I live in a bubble of progressive thinking amongst young people who live life fully and stand up for what’s right. I have encountered very few racial or sexist remarks in my 32 years, and the times I have, I chalked it up to people who haven’t been exposed to diversity and simply felt bad for their ignorance. Your daddy tells me that I live in a world of puppies and sunshine, and for most of my life this has not only protected me but also kept me optimistic, loving, and fearless. Unfortunately, today I feel a sense of loss, confusion, and sadness. I’m learning to honor these feelings but also trusting that they will pass and my faith will be restored in humanity. Because above all, my nature truly is made up of puppies and sunshine, and I won’t deny adding color to a world that looked so gray and gloomy today.

Today I was moved to tears when I heard Hillary apologize for losing this election and for not being able to break through the glass ceiling. I lost it when she appealed to all little girls to not give up on their dreams. Because no matter how I feel about her personally, I truly hung on to the ideal that she represented – that we can achieve anything no matter our race, religion, preferences, or sex. There have been such huge strides in very recent years – an amazing, genuine, inspirational black president; people coming together to declare Black Lives Matter; and the legalization of gay marriage to name a few. But for me, this election was a banner for women. It was an opportunity to stand together, to support one another, to break barriers and do the unthinkable. And while it wasn’t a win, I now firmly believe it’s possible, it’s just a matter of when.

So while I started off today fearing for you, fearing for the world you will enter and the impact it will have on you, I choose to instead focus on hope. I choose to surround you with positivity, ground you in reality, and always encourage you with love. Because you will be born with a quality we all so desperately wish for – purity. You will come into this world full of innocence, curiosity, and wonder. You will automatically know love, and you will embody truth. And those are the biggest needs in our world. We all need to return to our childlike nature to remember that underneath it all, we are the same. And the only true path forward is love.

My sweet girl, you are the future. You have already impacted me more than you know. You are my teacher, my reminder, and my being. I will cherish you, protect you, and nurture everything you are and everything you will become. I am excited for the world to meet you. And I’m excited for you to make your mark on this world. We need it.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in one drop.” – Rumi




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