Week 10 cont. – Good Vibes

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This weekend I attended an incredible yoga workshop with about 10 other women. The focus of the practice was on different goddesses and what they represent – fire, creativity/flow, and abundance. During the fire part of the practice, I really tapped into my strength and felt connection to my core for the first time in weeks; it was really empowering and a great reminder of how strong I am, something I had forgotten. I left feeling renewed and inspired. Also my back felt great afterwards, so yay! Finally!

I also got to spend time with my dad who came up for my cousin’s graduation. It was great to see him get some time away and enjoy vacation. I love when we get a chance to hang out together, especially as he gets older. I appreciate all the time I can get! I also told my aunt that I was pregnant, and she was so happy! It’s fun seeing people’s reactions to the news. So much joy :)


Nausea – It’s really only bad when I’m hungry and is still more common at night. Hopefully I’m almost over the hump!

Energy – It really plummets at about the 2 hour mark when I need to eat again, and when I’m out with friends, I forget this! Otherwise on the whole, my energy is coming back, slowly but surely!

Hormones – I imagined myself as a protective mama bear during a really fiery yoga exercise this weekend. It brought tears to my eyes, and I choked up! Visualization is really powerful. Something for me to remember during birth.

Dreams – no crazy dreams this week!

Foods I Like:

  • Chicken and spinach flatbread – yes pizza all the time in all the forms
  • Apples and oranges – yay healthy cravings!
  • Mozarella cheese slices and saltines


I’m going to start exercising today! I’m really excited. Since yoga went well, and my back is feeling much better, I thought I’d give it a try and take it slow. The big thing I know now is that I can engage my core pretty powerfully, I was just afraid to. It’s weird when there’s so many new feelings going on down there that I just feel cautious and hesitant all the time, but that’s what got me injured in the first place. So my coworker suggested a pregnancy workout video that I’m going to try at home. We’ll see how it goes!


Take advantage of free time with Andy! This weekend we went out to meet up friends for a drink at a new bar in the neighborhood. It was so nice to be out and social, although I did turn into a pumpkin around 11. Andy and I also had date night on Sunday, which was so nice. I already feel our relationship evolving. He’s so tender and sweet and really stepping up to take care of me and everything around the house that isn’t getting done b/c of my lack of energy. I’m so thankful and don’t know where I’d be without him. Right now I’m grateful for all the little things, even when we’re just napping side by side…which is alot! There is literally nowhere else I’d rather be.


Balance – softness and surrender plus fire and strength. I’m just trying to dance the line in between.

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