Week 11 – Gender Reveal!


Oh my heart – it’s a GIRL!

I was trying not to wish for a certain gender; I spent a lot of time having dreams of a boy and imagining both scenarios in my mind, utterly in love no matter the sex. But I’ll be honest, finding out it’s a girl felt so sweet! Maybe because there are so many sweet little girls in my life (3 of my coworkers had girls this past year) or because Amelia hugged my belly when she found out (swoon!), but I am just over the moon! Andy is too. Yes he had come up with boys names already, but I just had a feeling he was meant to be a girl dad. With Terri, Olivia, me, and baby girl on the way, he is so outnumbered! We told our parents, and they are happy, particularly my dad! After all, I told him, don’t you want a girl because I’m your favorite? (Sorry Richard!) P.S. The genetic screens came back normal. What a relief!

This past week was a whirlwind, from finding out the sex, to feeling better and starting to work out, to having a fun pool party celebrating Memorial Day weekend, to girl time with Emma and Colvin, Erin, and Liz. My heart is so full! I feel surrounded by so much positivity and excitement that it constantly fuels me. I’m grateful for my amazing friends and family. Another cute thing, Andy finally got a chance to tell Derick, and we were all up at 3 am one night brainstorming girl names for an hour. Besties are sweet :)

Another sweet note – I received the most thoughtful care package from my best friend Christine. It contained a birthing book, preggie pops, maternity nighties, chocolates, tea, and other birthing accessories. My coworker also surprised me with my first baby girl gift! I am so touched by everything. I truly have the most incredible support system. So much gratitude!


Nausea – Sigh, I thought I was almost over it, but today at work, it caught me by surprise! I had woken up early feeling a bit sick so I ate my usual PB&J at 7am. By the time I got to the office at 9, I began working and 10am rolled around and hit me like a train. I got sick in the bathroom at work for the first time! It’s crazy because I don’t really feel hungry, just this nagging reminder that I need to eat or else. And it’s much better to get ahead of it. So I’m back to timing every 2 hours and just noshing on something. I can’t wait for the first trimester to end!

Energy – My energy is up and down. I’m still napping pretty much daily. I feel most exhausted at night, and I have the most energy during the day. It’s been nice to wake up early, work out, and clean up the house a bit. I’m still not cooking more than once a week. Thank goodness for Andy!

Hormones – I’ve cried during a Lowes commercial, Nashville’s last episode, and other various dumb things. I also bawled like a baby when Andy and I watched the trailer for The Good Dinosaur (it made me want a little boy!). Lol the hormones are funny. Also I kind of threw a fit with Andy because people came over to after party Saturday night and woke me up. He was trying to contain them to the den on the first floor, but I still heard them and couldn’t fall back asleep. I cried because I was tired and hangry, and lo and behold, Andy took full responsibility, kicking everyone out, feeding me, and apologizing for putting me in that position. I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am constantly amazed at our heightened level of communication and his empathy. He’s going to be such a great daddy!

Dreams – I had a crazy dream that Van and I were running from the cops! I kept trying to escape, and she told me to stay put. Other than that, I can’t really remember any dreams this week.

Foods I Like:

  • Pizza – I had another late night craving this weekend, and Andy and I went to Walgreens at 3am for frozen pizza
  • Citrus fruits
  • Andy grilled homemade burgers, and I ate one! It was delicious!
  • Homemade penne with turkey
  • Foods I do NOT like: lamb/gyro meat, meat skewers, and sausage all left me feeling grossed out this past week; evidently my openness to red meats is not very extensive beyond the one-time burger. Turkey meat and chicken are still fine!


I felt good enough this week to begin doing some prenatal home workout videos. I’ve tried Tracy Anderson, Denise Austin, and BodyFit by Amy. I also took my first vinyasa flow class in several weeks, and it felt amazing to be back. It’s humbling because now my heart rate increases quickly, I heat up pretty fast, and I’m not as capable as I used to be (also with my back injury). So I’m just trying to ease back into working out. The good thing is, I’ve been going to the chiropractor for adjustments, and my back is feeling a ton better. I pretty much have full range of motion now and very little pain. Starting week 12, I’m signing up for regular prenatal massages. Hooray!

This week I also began to meditate with baby, putting my hands on my stomach and playing soothing music for her to hear. I also started singing to her. It may be a bit early, but I love the idea of bonding in the womb. She can already feel vibrations and pressure if I touch my belly.


Positive thoughts! I had a good conversation with my mama-to-be friend. We both brought up a few friends we know who have recently experienced miscarriages. This is something that is so hard to discuss, but I feel like a lot of us live in constant fear and paranoia during the first trimester worrying about it. One thing Andy said to me is, you have to think positive thoughts because negative thinking won’t help, and in fact, they hurt. I had to agree, there’s so much power in meditation and positive thinking, and there can be equal power in thoughts of negativity and lack, if you give in to it. You can achieve so much with the mind, and I’m trying to get back into a regular meditation practice to cultivate mine. So I’m grateful for my health so far, grateful for even the sickness (simply b/c it confirms everything is normal), and grateful this baby is growing (the size of a lime today!).


Don’t worry, be happy :)

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