Week 13 – First Ultrasound and Houston

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This week we had our 13 week doctor’s visit, marking the last week of the first trimester! We got to experience our first over the belly ultrasound, and it was SO neat. The cold gooey stuff on my belly was interesting, but man the image that popped up was miraculous. We could see so many features that weren’t visible last time around. It’s amazing how much she has grown and looks like a little person now, even though she’s only 3 inches long! She flexes all her fingers and toes; she stretches and turns and moves a lot. She even turned her face and looked straight at us! Babies are such yogis, all the moves they make are so intuitive and relaxing. I love the image of her doing legs up the wall <3 It’s true what they say, babies are born enlightened. Guess all the meditation and yoga is a bond we already share :)

Over the weekend, we went to Houston to tell our extended family. Friday Andy’s cousins came over for dinner, and we broke the news. His cousin Mi cried! It was so sweet. Sunday we told my entire extended family over pho. As soon as I arrived, my aunts surrounded me and petted my belly saying, “We know why you invited us here. Tell us the good news!” And everyone clapped when I said I was pregnant. It was funny, but I’m sure the entire restaurant thought we were crazy. Andy and I also stopped by to tell my grandparents the good news. My grandma hasn’t been feeling too well, so they weren’t able to join us for lunch. But when we told them, my grandma’s eyes lit up, and she kissed both of us. It made me cry to see their happy reaction!

I also got to spend quality time with Maggie and Cody, Allie and Camila, and Michelle while I was there. Two preggos and two mamas made for great conversation and good advice! And also lots of snacking. I finally got bonding time with Cody while he was alert! It was so wonderful. Camila was happy and babbling away as usual. I’m also happy I was able to see Michelle, my belly buddy through all of this!

We went to Park and Sora’s wedding this weekend, and word has spread to a good amount of Andy’s friends now. It’s fun to get so much positive feedback from other parents and have everyone share in our excitement. This sparks big changes for Andy’s group of guys. Their captain of fun is going to be a daddy!

On a side note: This weekend news broke about the shooting in Orlando. I’ve been swept up in all the horrific news lately about discrimination, rape, and now mass shootings. Part of it makes me terrified to be a parent and know I can’t protect my daughter from the darkness of this world. The bigger part of me remembers that I have the powerful responsibility to be a beacon of light for her and for those around me. I can stand up and stand for others; I can show her my values and empower my daughter to be inquisitive and curious, open and willing to connect and understand; I can practice love and compassion and embody this in all my actions. I can constantly remind her of MLK’s words: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”


Nausea – after all the activities of the weekend, my body completely gave out on me Sunday. I was nauseous and vomiting the entire day, and by 10pm, the only thing I could keep in my system was two slices of kiwi and a teaspoon of peanut butter. I slept about 14 hours that day and night and didn’t even bother driving back to Austin. I kept thinking it was something I ate, but I think it was the result of over-extending myself and all the humidity/heat. No fun. I’m so sorry baby girl! I’ve learned my lesson and realize I can’t go 110% anymore, maybe 50% max. I must take it easy.

Energy – still pretty low and constantly napping. I keep thinking and hoping, yay 2nd trimester is coming! But no sign of those effects yet. It’s ok, I don’t mind naps at all!

Foods I Like:

  • Turkey burger
  • Kiwi
  • Chick Fil A (or any chicken sandwich)
  • Sour candy


I really enjoyed my home practice this week. It’s a blessing to always have this practice as a reminder and a way to ground me, always at my finger tips.


Slow down. Big time. Sloth mode, engage!


It takes a village. This weekend more than anything, I realize the quantity and quality of people around me who will support me, Andy, and baby girl. I literally saw dozens of people who already offered to come to Austin to help and just be there for me. I am so grateful for my tribe!

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