Week 14 – Baby Meet-Up


This week marks the official start of the 2nd trimester! I’m feeling pretty good, my bump is growing, and we have now told all our family and close friends. Each week that passes is surreal and leaves me feeling more grateful, grounded, and accepting of the changes happening to me. I’m finally starting to get the hang of this pregnancy thing!

We emailed our families out of town and shared this video:

It was so fun to get emails from all over the world expressing excitement and joy for our little one. I love my tribe and all the wonderful influences Baby Girl will grow up knowing.

I made another trip to Houston this weekend to spend time with my favorite mommies <3 Maggie hosted Allie, Christine, Leslie, Annie, and I at her house, and I got to spend time with Cody, Camila, Elijah, Keanu, and Alexa. The babies are SO adorable, and each one has a different smell. It is intoxicating! I love them all so much, my heart could burst. I’m also so inspired by my friends and their grace in motherhood. I have such strong examples around me, and I feel their power! Highlights include:

  • Tummy time contest – Elijah won! Alexa faceplanted :(
  • Lining up the three boys in order of hair growth – it looked like a Rogain commercial!
  • Party with a diaper changing station, multiple sleeper options, and a breastfeeding corner.
  • 9 types of foods and 3 kinds of desserts all for 6 people! Thanks for indulging this preggo!
  • Seeing the daddies play with their kiddos and change diapers
  • Passing babies around and loving on them
  • Spending time with my bests!

I was also so happy to be in town to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad! We did simple things like go to Costco and eat samples, eat ice cream cones, and watch soccer while my mom made us enchiladas. It was so relaxing and just what I needed.

After last weekend I wanted to make sure that I took it easy and didn’t overwhelm myself, so I napped daily (twice on Saturday :X) and made sure to eat frequently. I also stayed with Allie and Roberto and got to witness them full-time as parents. It was neat to see their daily routine with Camila and also to get to play with her alot. I think she knows me because I’ve seen her every month since she was born. Her smile makes me melt! And I got to feed her oatmeal, yay for transitioning to solids!

The best part was coming home to Andy and having him tell me, “Guess what! This is my first official Father’s Day!” I know I say this all the time, but he is going to be such an amazing daddy. The way we talk about approaching parenthood is very open and honest but always comes back to being true to who we are, which has never misguided us. I’m grateful he’s my life partner, and I’m amazed how I can tell he loves me more and more each day.


Nausea – no issues this week! Still eating frequent meals and always famished!

Energy – decent. I went out to watch the basketball game Sunday after driving back (well after a nap of course), and it wasn’t too bad! I felt pretty good by the time we left around 10ish.

Foods I Like:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Chicken pot pie pastries made by dad
  • Drumstick ice cream cones!
  • Chick Fil A nuggets (thanks Allie!)
  • Lobster mac n cheese (thanks Annie!)


Not too much besides yoga and PT this week. Still taking it easy!


My dad told me to “enjoy the simple things” because it was a frame on Richard’s wall, haha :) But truly, just enjoying napping and seeing friends and eating ice cream. Life doesn’t really get much better than that.


Andy’s philosophy for my pregnancy – keep things organic. Accept what’s happening instead of trying to live up to ideals and go with the flow. Trust your intuition.

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