Week 15 – Turning Point

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And just like that, the clouds part and the nausea disappears! It’s really funny how that happens, but I’m grateful I’m feeling better just in time for our trip to Pittsburgh. I’m feeling more energetic, although naps are still frequent. And I’m still eating pretty often, but this is where the necessary weight gain has to start. I feel like my bump is getting bigger, but everyone says I still look small. It’s hard to dress, I’m still in bump-hiding phase because otherwise it just looks awkward. I bought a bunch of maternity clothes on sale, but all of it looks frumpy, so I’ll probably return it. I’ll just keep making my wardrobe work until I get desperate!

This week I’m grateful to celebrate Sarah’s birthday, spend quality time with Liz, practice yoga with┬ámy friend who’s 14 weeks, and celebrate me and Andy’s 2 year anniversary! I’m ready for vacation and look forward to getting away. It’s been so hot here, and lows of 65 sound so nice. I’m excited to spend time with our cousins and celebrate Matt and Kelly’s wedding! Feeling great health-wise, feeling grounded mentally, and feeling loved all around.


Nausea –┬ádare I say, I can stop documenting this!

Energy – I made it to yoga 4 times this week – hooray! It’s a huge accomplishment, and it makes me so happy. My practice is feeling stronger. I even inverted into a forearm stand for the first time since I got pregnant, and it felt strong. I’m learning to trust and listen to my body, and right now, it’s telling me to reconnect with my strength and be mindful.

Foods I Like:

  • Migas
  • Avocado toast – yay I’m back!
  • Smoothies – yay I crave these again! Getting my fiber in!
  • Crab fried rice
  • Pizza – duh.


For now, just yoga, but if my energy continues steadily and my lower back holds up, I’m going to get back in the pool! As soon as the bacteria levels lower.


I had a good long talk with my friend this week about friendships in general and what I interpret “being a good friend” to mean. Just like with every big life milestone, not everyone hits it at the same time. I realize not all my friends are in the same chapter of life as me, so it’s hard to relate on both sides. Friendships are always evolving, and I’m ok with that. It’s more important to just see them as they are and not expect what they should be.


“It’s not bad, it’s just different.” This applies to a whole plethora of thoughts and is always a good reminder.

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