Week 16 – Flying Fiasco



I may have spoken too soon! Since I was feeling better, I had high hopes for our trip to Pittsburgh, that it would be easy and smooth sailing. I packed my peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter crackers, and some preggo pops to sustain me for two flights and a layover in Atlanta. Unfortunately, as we began to take off, I got severe motion sickness and was gripping the nausea bag for several minutes. Ginger ale and pretzels helped, but then they announced someone on the plane had a peanut allergy, so I couldn’t eat any of my snacks! Needless to say, once we got to Atlanta, I got a chicken sandwich from ChickFilA (of course), and I felt much better. Both take off and landing were pretty miserable and we had 2 flights each way. Yay.

As for the trip itself and the wedding, it was so fun to see all the cousins! I walked to a yoga studio both mornings, and on the second day, the cousins joined me! It was super special to share a class with everyone. For the most part, I didn’t have any troubles the rest of the trip (until the flight home). Also, congrats to Matt and Kelly! At the wedding, I bawled so hard during Matt and his mom’s dance. These things get to me now because I imagined Andy dancing with our girl…tears! Also, there was a cookie bar with tons of different homemade cookies! It’s such a neat Pittsburgh tradition. Andy brought me a to-go box home, which I enjoyed when I got back!

I have to give a huge shoutout to Andy. The entire trip, he was so attentive to me and everything I needed. From holding my hand and my sickness bag during take-off and landing, to ordering me ginger ale, to walking me to our gate and then running off to buy me food, to making sure I was home for naps, to finding me late night snacks for our airbnb, to just being overall so amazing. I’m super grateful to him for everything!


Nausea – motion sickness is no joke! I got diclegis, a safe nausea medication for pregnancy, from my doctor. It works!

Energy – Feeling great and keeping up with yoga! Naps are still needed but not as frequent.

Foods I Like:

  • Multi-grain tortilla chips (thanks Patty!)
  • Breakfast corndogs! (pancake batter and sausage)
  • Bagels


It’s fun to practice yoga in new cities! BYS was a lovely studio, and I had a focused, mindful practice, at just the right pace.


Grow a thicker skin. During the wedding, one of Andy’s aunts was behind me and said, “Sherrie you’re getting so big!” His cousin rushed to tell her not to say things like that to me, and it began to make me feel self conscious about my weight gain. At this point I’ve gained 8 pounds which is perfect, according to my doctor. But this also means I weigh more than I have ever weighed in my entire life, and that takes getting used to. When I told my mommy friends this in a fit of tears, they were quick to remind me that I have to gain weight for baby, and it’s just a natural part of the process. I don’t have to feel ashamed or question it. So I’m trying to not let peoples’ comments get to me and just enjoy this process as much as I can and give myself some grace.


“Give yourself grace.”

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