Week 17 – Embracing Water!


This week we went in for our doctor’s visit, which was a quick one. She confirmed my weight gain is on track, and I have nothing to worry about. We also talked about my flying issues and that I was considering canceling my trip to Orlando for Jennifer’s bachelorette next week. The doctor said I probably shouldn’t be traveling there due to Zika and if I feel uncomfortable flying anyway. That pretty much sealed the deal, and I canceled my flight and am seeing if I can get a refund or credit. I’m sad to be missing out on Harry Potter World, but boy am I relieved to not get on a plane next weekend. The thought just makes my stomach turn. On the plus side, this means I’ll be celebrating my birthday here in Austin! It will probably consist of naps and pizza!

This weekend I went to Barton Springs (twice) for the first time in over two months, and it felt amazing. My first time back in the water, I swam breast stroke for a quarter mile, and while my back hurt a little at the beginning, it got better at the end and no issues the next day. My breathing took awhile to regulate since the water was so cold, but it wasn’t too bad. I went again on Sunday and decided to try freestyle this time. It felt amazing! I still had quite a bit of my speed, a pretty consistent stroke, and no real issues with breathing. That made me feel super happy and strong, more like my old self. I’ve made a commitment to swim laps twice a week going forward now that I feel better and even have a little group of gals to join me. Yay!


Nausea – I had a tiny bit of nausea one evening and took the Diclegis. I slept the whole night without waking up and felt much better the next day. I guess it still comes and goes sporadically, but it’s a ton better than before.

Energy – I was worried about being out in the heat at Barton Springs and swimming, but I felt fine! I try to avoid the hottest times of day (3-6pm) and either go in the morning or around noon and find some shade.

Foods I Like: Andy cooked a ton of healthy meals this week! Husband of the year!

  • Daikon and tofu soup
  • Butternut squash and turkey pasta
  • Turkey and cabbage stuffed tomatoes
  • Chicken and bok choy stir fry
  • Tangy cabbage and carrot slaw


Yoga once and swimming twice!


Trust your strength. I’ve been so timid trying to feel out what I can and can’t do that I continually underestimate my strength and ability. It was good to feel that again this weekend.


Just keep swimming! Baby Dory is so cute :)

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