Week 18 – First Kicks and Bday!


This week we felt our first kicks! Oh my goodness what a joy! It felt like popcorn popping, which is such a neat experience. It literally feels like I put pop rocks in my belly. It made this pregnancy more real for me. I love this baby so much I could burst! I’m happy she’s active and growing.

Also this past weekend was my birthday! I had the best week leading up to it. I got my 2nd prenatal massage, had a birthday lunch at Irene’s with my team (with the best banana bread pudding!), swam at Barton Springs with Bisola and Liz, and practiced yoga. I took Friday off for some me time which included a half mile swim (my first time since last year!), lunch and Lick ice cream with Sarah, and shopping! I got some great non-maternity staples at Old Navy (I know I haven’t been there in 15 years, but the bargains are great!) to expand my wardrobe and then re-organized my closet. Man half my wardrobe doesn’t work anymore, so it feels good to invest in some pieces that fit. So far the maternity items I’ve bought are: a chambray dress on clearance at Old Navy; jeans shorts, yoga capris, a fitted tank dress, black/white tank tops, and some babydoll nighties from Target. I would recommend all of these items since they are staples, and it feels so good to wear clothes that fit and support my new body.

On Saturday I went to yoga and stayed home to clean the house all day, which felt good. Then I had my bday party at ABGB. We had lots of pizza and of course grandma’s chocolate cake! I felt so good to be surrounded by so many wonderful friends on short notice. Jessica and Hanh were in town so we got to catch up as well, and Hanh and I belly bumped! I have to reiterate what an amazing support system I have here in Austin. It’s ten times more meaningful when both of our families and many of our close friends don’t live here. Your friends become your family, and my Austin fam is amazing. I’m truly grateful for the positivity with which I surround myself.

I think I literally slept the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday! Hah!

Random thoughts:

I am so hungry. All the time. And it comes up really strong and quickly out of nowhere!

I woke up from my nap Saturday and around 1:30am was trying to get Andy to take me to Wendy’s to get nuggets, fries, and a frosty as well as a side caesar for good measure. I even looked up their dollar menu (now value menu) online just to make sure I remembered it from college. Haha. Andy was too lazy to leave the house so he convinced me to eat an egg sandwich instead and made me one. It was delicious.

Shopping for maternity wedding attire is hard. And expensive. And useless after the event.

I pinterest “dressing the bump” alot to figure out how to navigate my new body and develop a pregnancy style. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it!

I watched The Beginning of Life documentary and loved it. They covered great concepts on parenting that I hope I remember and embody for our little one.

When I swim, I imagine baby girl swimming underneath me just like a mama and baby fish. Lol.


Nausea – IS GONE. Hallelujah!!!

Energy – HIGH. I’m feeling much more like my normal self. They weren’t kidding about the 2nd tri high. I feel on top of the world sometimes in terms of my energy and what I’m able to do now without the nuisance of nausea and napping and constantly worrying. I’m back to working out regularly, I can stand being outside for a bit, and while I still take naps, they aren’t as frequent or as long anymore. So happy and taking advantage of it!

Foods I Like: Andy is on it again! I’m so grateful, and I’m getting in my veggies and protein thanks to this fine man.

  • Turkey spaghetti with bell peppers and carrots
  • Thai yellow curry soup with chicken, carrots and potatoes
  • Braised fish and cucumbers
  • Croissants or bagels and cream cheese


I added back in arm weights and leg exercises at home. Check out my snapchat supersherrie for some random videos I post! It feels good to get some toning in now that my back feels better. Beyond that, I’m still swimming and doing yoga regularly! Woohoo, so good to sweat!


Embrace this time – Andy and I have been napping, grabbing breakfast or coffee, and even grocery shopping together. It’s the little things to enjoy each other’s company while it’s just the two of us. It’s really sweet and helps me live in the moment.


Stay present.

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