Week 19 – Lots of Doing!



This past weekend, Bao and I took Amelia and Evie to kids yoga at The Little Yoga house! It was SO much fun! I love how we got to incorporate games and imagination in to our practice. It was fun to see the kids use their energy and play with movement, and it was also neat to see them get quiet and meditate. I can’t wait to go with baby girl!

I spent alot of time doing research this weekend. I was at BuyBuyBaby for 2.5 hours looking at car seat and stroller combos, just trying to understand all the different features and how they all differ. My goal is to have an easy snap in frame for every day use/errands, and I also want stroller wheels that are durable for town lake. It’s hard to find one system that will do it all, and that’s what gets expensive. I’m looking at the City Go car seat by Baby Jogger and the Graco snap caddy. I’m considering the City Mini GT jogging stroller, but it’s got a hefty price tag! We’ll see.

I also began doing research on doulas and have set up 3 interviews with ATX Doulas, MamaFox, and Living Well. I’m excited about all of them, they are quite different from each other, so it’ll come down to personality match. Not many of my friends have used doulas, but those that have rave about them. I mean who doesn’t want to be massaged and taken care of by someone who’s experienced and calm/objective when you you’re trying to push a human out of you for the first time? I also appreciate how they help husbands understand how to be involved. I think it’s just wonderful!

I got to catch up with friends over a couple meals too. Brunch with Emma and Erin to celebrate July bdays and to kiss and hug Colvin. And Madam Mams for Lily’s birthday where I got to pick Krissy and Alice’s brains about pregnancy and labor. It was super helpful to hear their tips and advice. Overall I find mommies to be so helpful and giving. I’m grateful for all these amazing women around me. It was also funny to be at an event where there were more couples with kids than those without! Lots has changed!


Energy – still pretty high, and I don’t nap much anymore. Taking advantage while I’m still active and mobile!

Sleep – I haven’t had a problem with sleep until now, but it’s starting to give me trouble. I’ve been sleeping on my side with a pillow between my legs, and I find I have to shift from side to side often or my hips hurt. I might have to get a real body pillow to have more padding between my legs and something bigger to grip. I’m also getting some cramps in my neck and shoulders.

Foods I Like:

  • Carnitas tacos – I cooked!
  • Korean food
  • Turkey meatloaf
  • Pad See Ew


Swimming, weights, and yoga and still feeling good!


Let yourself receive help.


I accept all that I have with gratitude.

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