Week 36 – Expectations vs. Reality in Pregnancy


Last week we had our ultrasound, and everything looked good. Baby was measuring at 5 lbs 9 oz, which they said it small to average. She is in fact dropped really low which explains all the pelvic pressure. I got to see her making sucking movements, which I found so adorable and really made it real for me.

So this past week I haven’t gotten to do much except feel uncomfortable, sit on the couch, and do very minimal house work. I’m so thankful to Andy for cooking, our housekeepers for cleaning, and when we didn’t get our new laundry machine delivered due to a defect, we outsourced 3 loads of laundry to prepare to host Thanksgiving this week. That left me feeling more relaxed and supported. I got to spend some time with Jennifer and Joseph while they were in town, and I got to enjoy a beautiful Friendsgiving celebration with my Austin fam. The weekend ended up being really nice.

This week I wanted to touch on expectations vs. reality in pregnancy because I feel like I’m constantly having to reassure myself everything that is happening is just what it is, and I can only do the best I can. If you asked me how I expected pregnancy to go, I’d say: oh I’ll eat super clean and healthy like I always do, I’ll still work out 4-5 times a week and just modify my activity level, I’ll walk alot, I’ll meditate anytime I feel off, and I’ll enjoy nesting so much! Reality? I love carbs. What are veggies again? My back has kept me from working out and even doing simple stretches for a few weeks now. I can barely walk at a normal pace, everyone is always waiting for me. I don’t even feel like meditating much anymore. And nesting? I don’t even have a single thing set up for my nursery, 3 weeks out! Oh and not to mention having decided on a baby name…

But you know what? I’m still grateful. I’m so grateful I got pregnant relatively quickly. I’m grateful that I’ve had an easy, active pregnancy until recently. I’m grateful that I’m healthy and haven’t had any complications. I’m SO grateful for Andy. He has been my rock; he’s taken such good care of me; he’s already playing daddy and connecting with baby, and it melts my heart; he’s taken an active role in my birth plan, doctor visits, classes and just day to day tasks. All in all, I trust that these last few weeks are just tough overall, and in the end, baby will be here. That’s what I’m looking forward to so much, no matter what else happens. A healthy baby! At this point, I’ve done all I can to mentally and physically prepare, and I have everything I need to bring her in to the world. The rest will just fall into place.

We have weekly doctors appointments on Tuesday now. Anxious to see today how baby is measuring, her position, and if I’m dilated at all. Can’t wait for more information!


Back Pain – My back is slowly feeling better. I gave in and spent $70 on a Belly Bandit support band which is giving me some lift and supporting me to walk around. I have to walk pretty slowly, or I’ll feel little twinges of pain in my back. This mostly means I can’t exercise, stretch, or walk but it’s ok. 3 more weeks!

Hormones – I’m doing ok for the most part. No major emo moments this week.

Braxton Hicks – Still feeling regular contractions and some cramping. I’m acutely aware of them now and really trying to discern false labor or actual labor. Luckily there’s no pain, only pressure, so it’s ok.


Unfortunately none at this point.

Foods I Like:

  • Breakfast tacos
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Chocolate croissants
  • Salad
  • Chicken noodle soup


Birthing is painful but totally doable!



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