Weeks 34 and 35 – Home Stretch


I am a bit overdue for a post! I had to go on a hiatus from social media for a bit after the election. It was too painful to read and see all the reactions and stories. I needed space to grieve and process, and it’s still a work in progress.

But I have some mental space now to recap weeks 34 and 35 of my pregnancy! Two weekends ago, Liz, Sarah, and Bao hosted the most beautiful shower for Andy and me. It was teepee themed with all my favorite foods, fun games, tons of amazing gifts for baby, and so many of our friends from Austin, Houston, and San Antonio! Andy was super happy that UT won, and we were both so grateful to everyone that celebrated with us. I have to give so much credit to the hostesses. They have been my rocks throughout this pregnancy, and I’m not sure where I would be without them to lend an ear, offer advice or recommendations, and give me constant love (plus indulging my food whims!). So thank you thank you to everyone for everything! Baby is going to be so confused with this many loving uncles and aunties!

This past weekend my friend Allie hosted a Blessingway ceremony for four of us who are due between Dec and Feb. We made birthing malas, got belly henna, set intentions for our next chapter, and had a meditation/reiki session led by a friend. It’s been fun for me to connect with so many other women going through the same phase in life, from discussing symptoms to sharing tips to just spending time getting to know each other and our approaches to starting a new family. I feel very lucky that I’m surrounded by so many positive influences.

Our 36 week ultrasound is today! We’ll find out baby’s position and start counting down to the big day. I’m so excited!


Back Pain – Oye vey, I have been having major back pain since yesterday. We had a field trip for work to scope out some sites for a photoshoot, and after walking around the mall for a few hours, I got up from my chair and felt a sharp twinge in my back. It kept happening after random movements as I tried to walk or move, and I knew I had messed up my low back/hips again. That evening I did a swim, which felt incredible and also took a warm bath. I then heated/iced it for awhile as well. Today it still wasn’t better, and luckily I had a chiro appointment first thing in the morning. She confirmed that my hip was completely misaligned and that since baby has dropped alot (yay!), and my body is releasing Relaxin to prepare for birth, it’s going to be easier for this to happen (boo!). Then she banned me from going grocery shopping. It’s so painful not to get the chance to do everyday things! Thanks in advance for everything Andy! He might be nesting alone next week as I watch from the couch…sad!

Hormones – For the most part no issues, but I totally had a random cry fest this week over baby names lol. Names are hard! But no reason to cry. PS. Don’t ask me about names! We’re going to meet her first!

Braxton Hicks – Contractions are pretty frequent at this point. I’d say a few times an hour but more common at night than during the day. It feels like a lot of pressure and tightness but no pain. She’s so mobile now b/c there’s less space. I always feel her kicking under my right ribs, but it’s not painful. There is definitely a lot more pressure in my pelvis and on my bladder now that she’s dropped though. Sometimes it feels crampy.


I got a swim in at Barton Springs yesterday and hope to go again this week while it’s still warm. My god, it’s unthinkable to me that we’re halfway through November with highs in the 80s. Here I thought my pregnancy timing was so perfect to be my biggest during nice, cool fall weather. Not the case!

Other than water therapy, only a few yoga poses like cat cow, goddess, and wide legged forward fold help my back. Most positions where one leg is in front of the other push me out of alignment (which is so many positions!). It’s been hard not to have my practice available, but I’m still grateful for meditation. This is probably the longest stretch I’ve gone without a consistent yoga asana practice since 2009.

Foods I Like:

  • Asian chicken salad
  • Chicken fried chicken and gravy, broccoli and corn (Andy totally took me to Threadgills on Sunday)
  • Papa Johns thin crust, well done
  • Chips and salsa and homemade breakfast tacos
  • Avocado toast


You’re in the home stretch! 4 more weeks!!!


Things will get done.

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