20 Ways to Spread Happiness



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When my mind wanders, I often think about how I can leave a mark on our world. I even imagine my eulogy in order to better understand the legacy I want to leave.

But once I snap out of the daydream, I’m left with a thirst for action. Because there is no better moment than now, and I can leave my mark on this world each and every day.
We’re taught to believe that the world is a scary place. The media overplays the negative and heightens our paranoia and fear. This leads to anxiety, judgment, and often, paralysis. Even non-profits and public service announcements focus on sob stories of disease-filled, impoverished communities to ask for our money.
But these negative images and stories are not an accurate view of the world. Sure, they are real, tragic issues, but what about the stories of hope and happiness? What about the possibility of change?
All it takes is one person, one idea, and one action. It is rooted in positive thinking and generous actions with the intent of living this way every moment of every day.
So what can I do? I am one person, one individual, one of 7 BILLION.
I can have the intent to change the world by spreading happiness through positive thoughts and generous actions. I can realize it’s possible to live this intention in every moment of my life.
Every single person, thought, and action counts, and collectively, they will evolve into behaviors and habits that will result in a sustainable network effect of good.
It’s so simple yet mind-blowing, and from all my reading about happiness, I know that there is truth in this concept.
You want to hear the funny part? My guru in India told me this in 2010. “Be Generous every day,” he said, “and you will never be complacent.” Then, at yoga training with Baron Baptiste last month, he said, “Live with Generosity and Authenticity, and you will always be happy. It will set you free.”
It has become my life mission and my daily intent to spread happiness, starting with my own thoughts and actions.
In doing this, I know I will leave a lasting mark on this world. Will you join me?
Here 20 Things You Can Do to Be Happy or Make Someone Else Happy:
1. Smile.
2. Give an authentic compliment.
3. Slow down.
4. Don’t do. Just be.
5. Let someone pass into your lane while driving.
6. Make a gratitude list daily.
7. Dance!
8. Bake cookies for someone.
9. Give a big bear hug.
10. Do yoga.
11. Listen. (No, really listen.)
12. Buy someone lunch.
13. Happiness is contagious. So be contagious.
14. Volunteer your time.
15. Donate to a cause you care about.
16. Say hi to your neighbors.
17. Share an inspirational quote or picture.
18. Think positively, in every situation.
19. Talk about your passions. Then live them.
20. Leave a comment on this post, and share one thing you will do to spread happiness!

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