i am sherrie, hear me rawr!



ACL fest 2009 – Austin, TX

i love lists!

here are some favorites from my trips:

  • place to live: Barcelona, Spain
  • place to surf: North Shore, Oahu
  • chocolate: Lindt milk chocolate with almonds from Europe; Le Notre in paris
  • tv show: Aqui No Hay Quien Viva, Spain
  • book: My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult, Lonely Planet _____
  • food: tortilla espanol at Condesa y patatas bravas y churros con chocolate on calle Petreixol, Barcelona; pineapple, Costa Rica; malasadas and shrimp carts, Hawaii; tapas, Sevilla; flavour spot, Portland; chicken and rice stand, NYC; sweet plantains, Puerto Rico; chocolate croissants, Montreal; and cafe au lait; Paris
  • music: Deadbeats, Hawaii
  • excursion: ziplining in Costa Rica, surfing at P’uena Point on North Shore, Oahu
  • transit: biking in Chicago, trolley in San Francisco, trains in sevilla
  • place to shop: Zara, Barcelona and Portland Saturday Market
  • night out: Mojito Bar and la oveja negra in Barcelona and Nuyorican in Puerto Rico
  • animal sighting: 3-toed mama sloth with a baby on her stomach – tree outside Mariposa B&B in Santa Elena, Costa Rica
  • surreal experience: group photo on the roof of a building in Barcelona by a world-famous photographer, reciting a tongue twister in Catalan on a late night show called Peti qui Peti

whew! good night :)

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