love never gets old



everytime i go to houston, i try to make time to visit my grandparents. we usually just sit at the table, eat cut fruit and talk. for someone that never really every sat and talked with her grandparents, it’s quite interesting to observe our conversations. initially it was pretty surface level – careers, relationships, health, my parents/extended family, etc. but as of late, i’m really inspired by the stories they tell, particularly of their history together.

the cutest thing is hearing my grandma tell me how her and my grandpa still go walking every day, hand in hand. she recently developed arthritis in her knee, and even though she’s not as agile, she refuses to use a cane; she just holds his hand that much tighter! at 87 and 83, i can’t imagine anything else more important than walking in the park hand in hand!

this weekend, i came over, and my grandma showed me a bracelet that my grandpa gave her for valentine’s day. it had 12 roses on it, the number of their anniversary month – december. my grandma smiled proudly and said, “he’s a romantic!” he had ordered it online, and she found it delivered on the doorstep. my grandpa was the one that ended up being surprised because he didn’t realize it would ship so fast, so he wasn’t even waiting for it. my grandma was obviously proud of the bracelet, but she told me, “i never buy him gifts, i show him love with lobster!”

they even have a very romantic background story. my grandpa got accepted to university in paris and made the decision to move. my grandma and he were already dating at the time, but she was now faced with a life changing decision. she realized that she didn’t want to be away from him for so many years, so she left her family and her country to pursue love in the most romantic city in the world. it was there that they got married with just a handful of friends and extended family to witness their union.

this year they celebrate their 60 year anniversary, but their youthfulness is still ever present. my grandpa just retired within the last year. my grandma just asked me to teach her yoga. they’ve never gotten in to a fight. they remember their grandkids’ birthdays (all 12 of them!) they sit across the table and smile at each other. i guess they’ve found the secret to staying young forever…love.

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