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Sailing Rough Waters


Hello world! I have been MIA for awhile since the entire first quarter of this year has been the craziest time of my life! I kept feeling guilty that I haven’t been writing, and as the days passed and to dos piled up, I kept pushing it off to the point of no return. Then I decided to open up a blank post, and the words started to fly from my finger tips! I attended a beautiful class at Dharma Yoga yesterday, themed on this quote:

Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

The past month has been absolutely crazy and nonstop. There have been fun moments and some moments where I felt paralyzed with so many things to do that I had no idea where to start. I had to sit down with Andy and remind myself that everything that needs to get done will get done and remember the end result. As usual, he was right. I have grown more skillful over the past few weeks in my attitude and approach to life, as a result of sailing through rough seas.

Here’s a brief recap of all the good in my life in just the past 30 days:

  • Began teaching at Dharma Yoga
  • Celebrated Miss Leslie Mantaring’s bachelorette in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Attended my very pinterest worthy bridal shower in Houston
  • Rocked out SXSW and made it to over 20 shows
  • Closed on our new home
  • Launched a huge 5 month long project at work
  • Moved and settled into our new home with the help of my parents and cousins

I had to list out all the amazing things that have happened to acknowledge my gratitude and to recognize that all of these things were driven by the choices I have made in my life. I also want to admit that last week amidst the craziness at work and coming home each day to piles of boxes and tons to do, I lost sight of the big picture and had a freak out moment. There is a wedding to plan, a house to pack, yoga classes to teach, not enough hours in a day, and by the way, Andy got really sick with strep throat and SXSW made sure we ignored all household responsibilities for 5 days straight. Whew. Breathe.

Then this week, I took the time to get grounded. I spent time unpacking to get my house in order, and it quickly began to feel like home. I made time to practice yoga each day or get out to the greenbelt to hike. I  serendipitously connected with some of my favorite people. And I laid in my new hammock! I came to realize that this month, being as stressful as it was, served as a much needed reminder that life will deal you exactly what you need, and it’s your choice to embrace it and grow through it. I also learned to recognize patterns in life, so looking ahead at the calendar, this same situation is going to arise in May…and I am mentally preparing for it :)

I was reflecting on the past month while brushing my teeth this morning, and after a blur of events sped through my mind, three important moments stayed imprinted in my heart:

  1. Christine and I were roommates in Mexico and on the first night we saw each other, we laid down for bed with a half gallon of water between us and talked til 4am. We talked so much that our throats dried out, and we kept chugging water and then having to get up to use the bathroom. We talked about everything under the sun, about random topics that somehow flowed together so fluidly. And it continues to prove that distance and time has no bearing on a great friendship.
  2. Maggie made me an amazing scrapbook of favorite memories and love advice from all my closest friends and family members. After the shower, I sat down to read all the little notes and look at the pictures, and I cried so hard. It was eye opening to see myself through the eyes of unconditional love from the people I care about most. I never knew how much I have influenced or touched those around me over the years. It was truly humbling and validating of my purpose in this life.
  3. The first night I sat down on the couch with Andy and the dogs in our new home, we sighed a breath of relief and imagined hosting friends and family and eventually having kids within those walls. I can’t believe that on a random night in February, Andy randomly asked – should we buy a house? And I replied, “Whoa do you think we can handle it?” And we did.

I am so grateful for all that life has dealt us and look forward to all that will come. I call upon the skill of patience, compassion, and breath to guide me. And I admit each day that I am a mere human just trying my best with what I have, and that’s more than ok.

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