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Create balance.

After coming back from the trip of a lifetime to Bali and then going on the most epic adventure for my bachelorette party in Moab, Utah, I have been flowing seamlessly through life. These trips helped to ground me and to reaffirm my intentions for the wedding, for me and Andy’s relationship, for this entire year, and for my sense of being. I was blessed to spend an incredible week in Bali, in which I practiced yoga daily, treated my body to massages, and nourished myself with fresh juices and organic foods. I wrote my vows and got clear on the simplicity and profundity of life and its meaning and what Andy means to me. I came back with my feet firmly planted and understanding the significance of a marriage vs. the wedding day. Then being surrounded by my closest friends, some of the most inspiring and empowering women on this Earth, lifted my heart and made it soar. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past months reflecting on my life and experiences. I’ve known a majority of my closest friends for a decade to my whole life. I’ve loved Andy for my entire adult life. These people have seen me through several seasons of life already, and they have held my hand, dried my tears, and spoken the truth through tough times. They are still cheering me on today with even more love and excitement than ever before. All this has led me to appreciate and honor the balance of life – that without darkness, we cannot know light; that without sadness, we never truly understand joy or peace; and that the people we surround ourselves with reflect our deepest truth.

Create ease.

I’ve also learned that life is all about what you create and how you let it shine through your being. I am creating an incredible life, and I feel the ease, excitement, and fluidity when I’m with Andy. Over the past few weeks we’ve been home in Austin, back to daily routine, and hunkering down on final wedding details. And I feel strange saying it, but it was been easy and so much fun. We work out, cook dinner, spend time connecting, and we work a bit on wedding stuff. Andy has been completing my thoughts and finishing tasks as soon as I write down a reminder. I have been quarterbacking the planning process and communicating our vision. It’s all coming together, well ahead of time. In these last few weeks our connection is noticeably growing – our communication is stronger, our intimacy has deepened, and we are making time to do the things we love each day: relaxing on the greenbelt, dancing up a storm, and connecting with friends. All of this simply stems from our mantras: have an open mind; keep it simple; take breaks; make it FUN; do what represents us.

Be open.

We wouldn’t be in this place of ease without our friends and family – their daily support, their constant enthusiasm, their laughter, and mostly, their generosity. We have had friends offer themselves up to us during this time, and we are deeply humbled. All the little touches we dreamed of to make the weekend a special experiences that truly represent us are now being offered as gifts from our friends. From bodywork to music to yoga to meaningful words, we are honored for our friends’ offerings that arose without our asking. Our parents have also been very helpful, compromising, and respectful of our wishes. They are amazing and so uplifting! Everything just seems to be coming together with ease and grace. It feels right.

Be true.

So with 10 days left, I stepped out of the shower this morning and got renewed clarity on my vows. Once again, this simple but profound idea that was already engrained in my heart word for word popped into my mind. Andy woke up to find me, hair dripping wet, hovering over the bathroom counter writing furiously in my notebook. Our mantras continue to be reaffirmed and have truly delivered us to this moment – the jumping off point for our marriage, our wedding day. It’s the continuation of our love and our legacy over the past 12 years. It will be a joyous day filled with celebration and love. It will set the intention for decades of beautiful experiences and memories to come. And we cannot wait to just dance and laugh through it all.

Here’s to love and light and just plain being.


  • Jerilynn June 18, 2014 Reply

    Hi roomie. I am awed by your purpose and strength and grounding. I wish you and Andy a lifetime of happiness as you take the next path in the road of life. Much love, Xxxx

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