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Week 10 cont. – Good Vibes

This weekend I attended an incredible yoga workshop with about 10 other women. The focus of the practice was on different goddesses and what they represent – fire, creativity/flow, and

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Week 8 – Doctor visit

Went to our doctor’s visit and got to see the ultrasound of the baby’s heart beat! It feels real now! We’re so excited! I looked over at Andy, and he

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Week 7 – Andy’s Back!

This week has gotten dramatically better in terms of my energy and nausea. While last week I was on the couch and constantly feeling awful, this week I’ve been able

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Week 5 – The News

I’m pregnant, due December 2016! It’s completely surreal, exciting, overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and unbelievable. I feel like I’ve wanted this for so long, and now it’s here and so hard to