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Week 8 – Doctor visit

Went to our doctor’s visit and got to see the ultrasound of the baby’s heart beat! It feels real now! We’re so excited! I looked over at Andy, and he

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Week 7 – Andy’s Back!

This week has gotten dramatically better in terms of my energy and nausea. While last week I was on the couch and constantly feeling awful, this week I’ve been able

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Week 5 – The News

I’m pregnant, due December 2016! It’s completely surreal, exciting, overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and unbelievable. I feel like I’ve wanted this for so long, and now it’s here and so hard to

Mind Spirit

I Think, Therefore I am

“To deal with things, knowledge of things is needed. To deal with people, you need insight, sympathy. To deal with yourself, you need nothing. Be what you are–conscious being–and don’t stray away