i bought this simple necklace from lisa crowder at the austin art fest a few months ago. i was looking through the collection when i saw a series of simple necklaces with words engraved on them and asked her the meaning behind these words. she told me that some provoked inspiration and positive thinking, some represented the simple things in life that you sometimes forget to think about consciously, like breathe.

breathing is essential to life, but it’s something you don’t even have to think about. however, i’ve found that when you focus on the simple act of breathing, it can really change the way you feel on a grand scale. it’s the difference between losing your cool and handling a situation well; between physically giving up and pushing forward. deep breathing helps to avoid headaches, stress, and tension in your mind and body. when faced with these issues, we first think of exercise, eating, freaking out. really, all you have to do is breathe.

yoga has changed my body, my outlook, my approach to life. it has also taught me how to breathe. we specifically practice ujjayi breathing which is a calming breath in and out of the nose that starts from the lower belly and rises to your head. it helps to circulate oxygen through your body, allowing you to feel more balanced and grounded. when i practice, i feel my mind clear and my worries slip away so all that is left is just an internal focus on my breath.

i’ve been studying vinyasa yoga for a few months and have already begun to feel a deep progression in my practice. i’m excited for the opportunity to study yoga at an ashram in India when i visit this december, and i have high hopes of taking my practice to a new level. for austinites that are interested in practicing yoga, you can find me practicing at empower yoga downtown.

open your heart, salute the sun, and remember – no matter what the situation, breathe.


  • Christine Materum June 15, 2010 Reply

    agreed! i first realized the importance of concentrating on breathe alone while running. breathing in rhythm… afterwards, i tried translating it to my yoga practice…and then… it slowly became a habit when facing other challenges! breathing can remind you that you're in control of the situation and acknowledge that whatever the challenge is…it's temporary.

    such a simple idea, but silly how we forget to do it. =)

    p.s. you look super cute in your pic while levitating in your living room. =P

  • Sally Kolenda June 15, 2010 Reply

    good post! i was at a rotary meeting yesterday and the focus was on using food as medicine. at the beginning of the presentation, the doctor had us meditate using the soft belly method (http://www.cmbm.org/mind_body_skills/soft_belly/), and it is amazing how i felt after the time had passed. it certainly helped me focus in on the presentation by quieting down the other stressors that were bothering me when i arrived. i got a lot better about it when i started bikram, but since i haven't been practicing for the past two months, i have been out of habit! i guess i need to make it a part of my daily routine.

    and i love the lisa crowder necklace.

    why are you going to india? that's my next dream destination. xo

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