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i went to san diego for my birthday seeking sunshine, summertime, and surf. what i got was gray skies and cold, but it was such a fun and relaxing vacation. my itinerary for this trip marked a clear change in what i value and strive for in life – introspection, well-being, and tranquility. as a result, the only priorities i had on this vacation were to surf, do yoga/meditate, and hang out with julie and christine.

i used to travel with an end goal in mind – do this many excursions, see this many landmarks, visit this many cities. i would sometimes come back feeling more tired than before i left. i didn’t quite understand the concept of taking it easy, enjoying the ride rather than trying to check items off a list.

life is all about the journey. surfing is all about the wait, the wave, the set up…moreso than the actual ride sometimes. oh it’s nice to get a ride, trust me. to experience the surge of power while feeling light as a feather is absolutely amazing. but if i focus too much on the end goal, i get frustrated. and how can you be upset sitting in a beautiful mass of water alone, watching the sun sparkle on the water like diamonds?

i photographed tons of surfers while i was there, but my favorite shots were just people standing around, enjoying the moment and the crash of the waves.

[swamis beach]

i had a similar discovery in yoga recently. i learned that my dosha, or constitution, should strive to find ease in poses. i’m a type A personality, and i always push myself to try harder and do more. but yoga isn’t just about the pose or achieving an end result in practice. it’s the evolution of the body, mind, and breath. sometimes you just have to listen to what your body feels or needs that day and know it’s ok to back off and just enjoy the journey.

i went to yoga swami in encinitas, and got to practice in a yurt! it was interesting to face others in a circle and have to truly look within for focus and balance. it was beautiful to see the sun shine down in the center of the yurt for a brief moment during practice.

favorite things about my visit to san diego: surfing moonlight beach, yoga swami, acai bowls, bonfires, ocean beach pier, 6am breakfasts and mexican mochas, encinitas, extraordinary desserts, self realization garden, dog beach, and christine :]


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