13 months – Communication


Happy 13 months Amaya! This month snuck up on me since your first birthday and the holidays were just a whirlwind and big milestone. Also we started new jobs and new class and are adjusting to a new schedule. I think we finally hit our stride! Then last night you kept mommy and daddy up from 3-4:30, and we are zombies. Alas, this is just our norm now, trying to breathe through the unexpected and respond with grace, even when we are not our best.

You Like: being outdoors and swinging, signing, eating (esp packaged snacks I hide in the pantry), dogs, 5 Little Monkeys sound book, wearing shoes, and brushing your teeth (ie. sucking on bubblegum toothpaste)

You Dislike: having your diaper changed, being confined to one space

Stats: Weight – ;  Height – ; Head – ; Weight-for-Length –

Developmental Milestones:
  • Signing more, please, all done, and milk
  • Saying mum mum when you’re hungry
  • Throwing away your diaper
  • Holding and biting food whole (like a half sandwich or half a banana)
  • Two new molars and 9 teeth total
  • Learning to fit shapes in the shape sorter (still figuring out by trial and error)


Now that Amaya is in her new classroom, she’s picked up sign language pretty quickly. It’s been pretty amazing to watch her communicate. This also means when she can’t communicate, or when we can’t understand her, she’s quick to cry or throw a tantrum. She drops down to her knees and drops her head to the floor and wails. It’s pretty sad and endearing at the same time. I’m not really sure what Amaya’s first word is, but most consistently, it’s probably dog, even though she can’t enunciate it and says “dah” about a lot of things. However, she def knows dogs when she hears them barking outside, sees them on tv, and sees them in her books. It’s really hilarious to watch her try to communicate with Alexa; every command is just “Ah!” and then I have to give a command. I find it strange and interesting that as a 1-year-old she’s learning about AI and sort of understands how to swipe on a phone/iPad to get it to move. Technology is a whole new outlet for communication for her! (We are still limiting screens but know it’ll def play a big role in how she learns in school growing up. It’ll be a big lesson in mindfulness to navigate this as she develops.)

Sleep Regression and Re-training

Over the holidays Amaya was in a big leap, teething, and sleeping in a new environment. Andy and I regressed with her sleep habits and responded by throwing all of our habits out the window to keep grandparents and others from waking up in the middle of the night. Amaya was waking up sometimes every 1.5 hours and only slept through the night twice in 9 days. It was miserable. We had to rock and soothe her, I was nursing her because she knows how to ask for it, and none of us were getting good sleep. In the end, Allie was observing that she was relying on nursing as a sleep crutch and waking up searching for me. I was putting her down to bed nearly asleep, and it wasn’t working. Previously we did CIO, and she was sleeping through the night but this regressed and so we had no choice but to sleep train again. This time I started nursing her with all lights on and then reading a few more books and putting her to bed awake. She cried standing for a 5 min the first night then laid down and went to bed! I’m not sure if it was the fact that she was coming out of the leap and her teeth were feeling better, but it went much more smoothly than I hoped for. She’s been sleeping soundly and much longer (sometimes til 7:40am and has to be woken up instead of the previous 6:45/7am). With the exception of waking last night from a diaper, we have been grateful for good sleep again.

Memorable moments:

  • The way you bob your head when you play 5 Little Monkeys
  • Watching you learn to sign and being so amazed at what you can tell us
  • Watching you pant with excitement when you’re about to get food
  • Taking you to the park to swing
  • Watching you bark back and forth with Olivia
  • Seeing you rip open gifts

Mantra: Be Here Now – Get Rest

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