14 months – Active and Mimicking


Happy 14 months Amaya!

You’re running and talking and a full blown toddler! You’re so capable, happy, and fun. I love seeing you thrive at daycare and watching your growing bond with your daddy. It’s fun to see you assert your preferences (especially for food), terrifying and funny to watch you mimic us, and joyful to see you dance and play with your dogs. I enjoy all the simple, sweet moments we get to witness as your parents that most people may never see. Just the thought of you brings me and your dad instant joy. On this last trip to Houston, everyone remarked how much you’ve grown developmentally since last month. You are so fun to be around, and I know it’ll only get better!

You Like: going to the park, goldfish, drumming, books Hey Diddle Diddle and Hand Hand Fingers Thumb, shouting at Alexa, helping out with the dogs, carrying around checkbooks

You Dislike: sleeping in your carseat, when daddy holds my hand or lays in my lap

Stats: Weight – ;  Height – ; Head – ; Weight-for-Length –

Developmental Milestones:
  • Words: dog, bubble, mum mum (for food), eye, hi, bye, buah (for kisses), nana (banana), wahwah (water), and yay!
  • Signs: eat, more, please, all done, and milk
  • Running a ton (her new Nike’s make her fly!)
  • Helping out with things like filling the dogs’ bowls (and trying to eat dog food) and letting them out, throwing away trash, and starting to pick up toys
  • Eating with utensils
  • Understands simple commands like sit, put on shoes
  • Mimics us a ton! Eep!
  • Chooses out of options, shakes head yes or no for what she wants

Getting Fit

I was at boot camp at work yesterday over lunch, and I looked in the mirror and felt proud and confident in my body and my physical strength. While I’m definitely sore after class, I don’t feel like I’m struggling nearly as much. I took a moment to marvel at all my body has gone through and how capable it is. My abs are actually starting to show! It’s an empowering feeling and motivating me to keep working out. I love how I feel after! Wellness was such a big part of my life, and I’m happy to make time for it now when I can. I’m also working on my mental fitness and committing to my meditation practice as well. I volunteered to lead a roundtable session at work on mindfulness and am taking the cue to re-dedicate my own practice. Overall, I feel like I’m thriving (it doesn’t hurt that Amaya’s been sleeping well, so I’m also very rested!).

My First Trip Away

I’m going to NYC for training mid March, and it’ll be my first time away from Amaya (for 5 days!). I have lots of emotions going through my mind in anticipation of the trip. I’ve still been nursing Amaya once in the morning and once at night, and this trip is a physical milestone to wean her. I think it’ll be easy to do because she doesn’t protest too much for milk when she’s with Andy and I’m not around. However, it’ll be tough when I come back, and she has to understand it’s no longer available to her. I go back and forth b/c this could be the end of a long chapter of some of the sweetest memories of her time with me so far. 14 months! I never new I’d nurse this long, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. On the other hand, I feel very confident leaving her with Andy, but I feel bad he won’t get any breaks! The good news is I’m gone during the week, and she’ll be at daycare most of the day. I also feel excited about traveling again. It’s been so long, I literally had to think through airport logistics the other day and felt slightly confused about what to do, haha! I can imagine it’ll be a breath of fresh air to just be on my own for a few days. I’m hoping to catch up with some friends and maybe sneak in some yoga. We’ll see how next month goes!

Fun News

I’m the newest contributor to Austin Mom’s Blog! My friend encouraged me to apply, and I’m excited to add my voice to the mom community in Austin. I am grateful for all the instant connections I’ve made with other mamas. Check back on my Facebook for upcoming posts!

Memorable moments:

  • Watching you, Camila, and Cody paint at Camila’s birthday party (and how you can hang with her older cousins!)
  • Seeing you try to run and play with older kids at Toss pizza; you’re fearless and social
  • Breakfast date with Henley and Courtney and eating like a big girl
  • Having fun in Houston with family and seeing you talking and interacting with everyone
  • Seeing you mimic your dad by snapping and yelling at the dogs to come inside
  • Watching you run off happy and excited to play with your friends at daycare drop-off for the first time since starting your new class
  • Hearing that you ran ahead of the rest of the class during a fire drill
  • Watching you catch bubbles
  • When you rest your head on my shoulder because you’re tired or just want a cuddle
  • Seeing how attached your are to grandpa (Ong Noi)

Mantra: Be Here Now – Enjoying the little moments, especially nursing and cuddling in the morning

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