15 months – Unpredictable


Happy 15 months Amaya!

Your daddy describes you as chaotically cute. This month you flip between sweet and easy-going to full on tantrums in the blink of an eye! Moms tell me this age is challenging because you can absolutely communicate your needs and understand what we say, but there are times when all understanding goes out the window and you have a meltdown. These times are definitely trying and have resulted in tears of my own, but I absolutely adore watching you grow through all the ups and downs. You provide us endless entertainment and fill us with so much love.

You Like: going down the slide, coconut wafer rolls, bathtime peekaboo book + your rubber ducky, pouring water out of your sippy cup onto your tray and cleaning it, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, reading the same books over and over (Hand Hand Fingers Thumb still a fave and The Quiet Book)

You Dislike: waking up from night terrors, teething, shots, and wearing shoes/socks in the car

Stats: Weight – 19 lbs 9 oz (7%) ;  Height – 29 in (12%) ; Head – 18 in (66%)

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: dada (first word, but now you actually associate it with your dad), Olivia (barely understandable except by me), walk, done, duck, book, yeah and no, mine, ball, uh oh, whoa, high five, and buh bye (about 20 words total now!)
  • New sign: thank you
  • Two new molars (12 teeth)
  • Learning to wash yourself with a towel
  • Going down the slide on your own


For the most part, Amaya is consistent in her eating, sleeping, and playing habits. She’s pretty easy to read, and it thriving. However, this past month, she woke up crying uncontrollably 3 nights in a row due to night terrors. It was jarring, not just because she was inconsolable even as we held her, but mostly because she’s such a good, predictable sleeper. She asks to go to bed on her own and sleeps nearly 12 hours. I had to remind myself everything is temporary, and then she went back to sleeping like normal…until her two molars starting cutting through, and the last two days she’s been crying most of the evening before bed. We had settled into a false sense of comfort in our routine, and then she switched it up! Come on mom, you should know better by now! 😉

A gentle reminder

One day as I was letting the dogs out, Olivia started eating poop (ugh I know). So I pushed her with my foot and yelled NO! Amaya started to rub her cheek, and I recognized that as “gentle touches” which she was learning at school. The kids were taught to stroke or pet their friends, pets, etc. with soft, gentle touches. I immediately felt horrible for modeling violent behavior to her and knelt down to apologize to Olivia. Amaya started petting her, and I reinforced “gentle touches.” This simple lesson was one of my most powerful moments in motherhood thus far.

Some wise mama moments

My friend and I were talking yesterday about how we’ve grown as moms since the early days. We used to incessantly google issues and worry about every little thing and spin it into something anxiety-inducing. I’ll fully admit, I still have some not very mindful moments, but for the first time, I feel confident and at ease in my role as Amaya’s mom. I have been reminding myself that I know her better than anyone else.

Today at the doctor’s office, I proudly told her Amaya knows nearly 20 words. She looked at me with a smile and said, “We usually expect kids her age to know about 3.” I casually chalked it up to daycare and hypothesized (as I often do) that her exposure to all these kids contributes to her development. The doctor replied, “It’s not daycare. It’s her.” I made a mental note to not shy away from acknowledging Amaya for who she is – observant, intuitive, outgoing, and smart!

Memorable moments:

  • Saying “walk” to ask me to put you down so we could walk hand in hand out of daycare together
  • Playing at the lego store on a rainy day
  • Going on walks around the neighborhood in the early morning and at sunset
  • When you squeeze your chubby cheek against mine
  • Having Liz babysit you so we could have a date night, and you cried yourself to sleep holding bear
  • Attending Mike and Tiffany’s dad’s funeral in San Antonio
  • Korean bbq with Thao and Anthony (most of your food ended up on the floor, but you like galbi tang like me!)
  • The last time you breastfed, I was engorged from weaning for 24 hours. After that I fully regulated, and just like that, we were done.
  • One morning as I was carrying you into daycare, you looked me in the eye and gave me a big kiss and smile. Swoon!
  • That time you clung to me like a spider monkey and wouldn’t let go even though you were

Mantra: Be Here Now – stay on your toes!

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