16 months – tiny person


Happy 16 months Amaya!

You are a full blown person! Your personality just shines in the way you connect with others around you; your entire being lights up when you smile. I love watching you make eye contact with others and observe your surroundings. I love how you marvel at bugs, collect rocks, and smell rosemary. You are starting to communicate in short phrases, and it’s amazing to just watch your mind work. You are definitely starting to test us when you know you shouldn’t be doing something. We love you, sweet girl!

You Like: singing along to Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle, calling Ong Ba (grandparents) on Facetime, animal noises, going for walks, standing on chairs, climbing on everything, veggie sticks, easter egg hunts

You Dislike: car rides, having other people hold you when mama’s around

Stats: Weight – 20 lbs

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: mama (yay you finally know my name!), shoes, socks, animal sounds (neigh, ba, quack, oink), milk, mac n cheese, outside, Ong (grandpa), Ba (grandma), cat (about 30 words total)
  • Short phrases: dada bye bye, “no no no!”
  • Two canines (14 teeth)

First trip – total freedom

My first trip to New York went so much better than I hoped! Not only were Amaya and Andy totally fine, I felt incredibly recharged. I loved seeing Andy spend quality time with Amaya, it really helped them bond. He also became a pro at meal prepping her lunches and snacks, and took her on an outing every day. Andy told me she is super independent when I’m not around, which I love to hear.

As for me, this trip was a much necessary reprieve. I remember walking around one night soaking in the life of the city, and I felt so weightless and free. I went to an incredible yoga class, met up with friends each night and had soul-filling conversations, and I got to take my first long, luxurious bath in a long time. It was heaven. I was so happy for me time and thankful Andy held down the fort at home.


Amaya is at the age where she’s starting to engage more with kids around her. She enjoyed walking around outside holding Amelia’s hand and playing their made-up stinky feet game and giggling. At Easter, she shared blueberries and veggie sticks with Donovan, which was cute to watch. At school she has her two friends Xander and Olivia. Amaya and Xander love to bang and shake the gate, causing a ruckus, while her friend Olivia is more introverted and reserved. However, this doesn’t stop Amaya from yelling at her to come play (just like she bosses around her dogs at home too). This past month was the first time she interacted more with Camila, climbing around on the couch and laughing with her. It’s  fun to imagine them growing up together.

Allie in remission

This past weekend Maggie had us over for a girls night to celebrate Allie’s last chemo treatment. I’m filled with so much gratitude that Allie’s in remission. It was important for all of us to take time and reflect on her journey. We did a sweet meditation, shared many tearful words, and stuffed ourselves with sparkling cider and cheese. It was a truly memorable night with loves ones.

Memorable moments:

  • Having Bao babysit while we were at Ben and Tiffany’s wedding – first time we’ve left you with a non-family member, and you had so much fun with Amelia and Evie!
  • FaceTiming while I was in NYC and seeing your daily adventures with Dada
  • Easter egg hunting with Leo, Dono, Amelia, and Evie; watching you slam down a ton of blueberries and veggie sticks
  • Getting a text that daddy left work early and found himself at daycare so he picked you up for some quality time <3
  • Hanging out at the Thinkery
  • Spending time with both sets of grandparents in Houston; they were so amazed how much you’d grown!
  • Chasing Camila around the house in little cars and laughing
  • Celebrating Ong’s 93rd birthday and Auntie Jennifer’s 29th bday

Mantra: Connection and grounding.

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