18 months – thrive


Happy 18 months Amaya!

I cannot help being amazed every single day by you. This past month I have realized how much you are your own being, apart from me and your dad, even though we created you. Your soul has its own special purpose on this earth, and I feel privileged to merely witness you develop daily. I’ve started keeping a daily gratitude journal, and “stopping to smell rosemary” almost always makes the list. This is the best and most present moment of my day, and I’m glad it’s with you! I’m lucky you chose me to be your mama, and I adore hearing you say “mama” and “I love you.” You are already changing the world, Amaya. You have changed definitely changed mine <3

You Like: running up and down the hall and sayng “touch” when you get to the wall, clapping along to songs with snare, stroller rides now (taking a break from wagon), stickers, crackers, reading books, watching buses drive by, making animal noises, picking out bibs, all animals, your blanky, feeding yourself, hanging out with Daddy, trying on shoes, playing in your tent, Elmo and Sesame Street songs (Janelle Monae – The Power of Yet)

You Dislike: being put down for bed, waiting for food

Stats: Weight – 22 lbs? no idea

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: goofball, spider, helicopter, cracker, happy baby (habibi), ice cream, moon, thank you, two
  • Responding with the appropriate sound when we name an animal
  • Naming everyone in the family – mama, dada, terri, olivia, and amaya!
  • Cleaning up your toys
  • Eating yogurt with a spoon
  • Size 4 diapers, finally!

Conscious Parenting

I recently listened to an interview with Oprah and Dr. Shefali who wrote the book Conscious Parenting. She says, as parents, our purpose in this world is to recognize our children’s spirit and create the conditions for them to thrive. This message really spoke to me as I stopped trying to figure out if you’re more like me or your dad in certain regards, but I see now how are very much are your own person. You are going to do things in this world I wouldn’t imagine, and I get the joy (and terror) of watching you figure out your place and cheering you on. My constant practice is to be present with you. I see you, and I love all of you.

Finding My Groove

I’m just at the 6 month mark at work, and I’m hitting my stride! It feels great to provide value and do impactful work. I have a new intern, conducted my first focus group, and worked the product booth at our annual conference. Huge thanks to Andy for playing a huge role at home to make this all possible. In addition, my consistent efforts to work out, meditate, and keep my gratitude journal have kept me feeling grounded, positive, and happy overall. Happy me = happy family!

Sleep Regression

Amaya sort of hit the 18 month sleep regression recently. She would cling to us and cry when we put her down to bed and then cry for a bit before she fell asleep. Overall, Amaya is definitely testing her boundaries and expressing her desires, especially when they don’t align with what mom and dad want. Andy and I are both finding our footing with parenting, individually and together. There are some challenging times, but I’m grateful for a true partner in this.

Memorable moments:

  • Having a relaxing Mother’s Day by getting coffee and biscuits with you then going for a swim and getting a massage alone!
  • First time you said “I love you” (talking to Ong Ba Ngoai on Facetime)
  • When you patted my chest and said “mama”
  • Spending time with Amelia and Bao at the library and Trader Joe’s
  • Memorial Day weekend and swimming with Cody, Camila, and Penny (you cried most of the time and are scared of the pool)
  • Going to the park with grandparents
  • Happy Hour at TLC for Uncle Ben’s birthday!
  • Dinner with Gavin, Joey, and Jen at Chilantro
  • Grabbing dessert with Uncle Duy

Mantra: The light in me bows and honors the light in you.

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