2 years 2 months – potty training


This month was a mix of huge breakthroughs like potty training (“I did it!”) to rocking you to sleep in the glider like newborn days. With this latest milestone of potty training, you are more independent and confident. This month’s theme revolved around capability and trust – I believe in you so wholeheartedly, and you shine and dazzle me with your quick learning and intuition. If anyone asked me two weeks ago how I felt about potty training, I would’ve said fearful and unequipped. But thanks to Oh Crap! Potty Training (and my friend Jenny), an empowering mama tribe (let’s all potty train this weekend!), and a wonderful husband/partner/world’s awesomest dad ever, this was a milestone for the books! Hooray, WE did it!

You Like: gummy bears (found awesome low sugar ones), going pee on the big toilet, pretending to be a mommy, picking out your clothes, seeing babies, FaceTiming Camila and Cody, eating ruoc and also pickled carrots, Mickey and Minnie Christmas book

You Dislike: anything that diminishes your independence

Stats: heavier and half an inch taller than last month (lol super technical here), size 2T clothes, size 6 shoe

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: not new but obsessed with vagina, penis, and boobies
  • New songs: Where is Thumbkin, I’m bringing home my baby bumble bee, Namaste
  • New concepts: daily gratitude – turning on her star night light and saying “thank you to our stars” naming who she’s thankful for in each star, Om, namaste, deep breaths to reset

Potty Training

We had been letting Amaya sit on the potty whenever she asked for it and not really trying to potty train. I just didn’t know where to start, and I felt overwhelmed by the whole idea. Then, one day out of the blue, Amaya asks to sit on the big potty to poop, and she does! It was a big wake up call that I needed to start potty training now; she was (and probably had been) ready. I busted open Oh Crap! Potty Training, and within 30 minutes felt completely empowered and ready to give this thing a go! We started telling Amaya we would throw away diapers in a week, and she seemed on board. Last weekend we had a lock-in and kept her naked all weekend. She had one small accident each day but realized it immediately and then got to the toilet. After a week at daycare with only 2 accidents and a nap with no diaper, we were feeling good! This past weekend we did our first outings (morning at a coffee shop with friends then the climbing gym to play and a baby shower in the afternoon), and she peed in public restrooms at each place with no issues! I’m so proud of Amaya and us. With a tiny hiccup around the meaning of  the word “prompting,” Andy and I were on the same page, and Amaya thrived. I had no idea potty training could bring us all so closer, but after that first weekend, I felt a newfound admiration and appreciation for both Andy and Amaya. I’m so grateful for such an empowering experience!


I bought the Make Shit Happen journal by Meraki and have been using it since the first week of January. Every week I set a few intentions and track whether they happen each day. A sample week goes like this – meditate, work out, learn something new, and connect with others. I then set out with a focus on these things all week. It’s helped to add discipline to my daily routine, but it’s also given me a ton of joy to do little things like text a friend to check in, reconnect with old friends, or read an interesting article. I also set high level monthly goals (such as work out 3X a week and stop scrolling, pick up a book) that really make my days feel more fulfilling and interesting. This year so far I’ve read 5 books and am almost done with a 6th. I’ve been listening to Oprah and Eckhart Tolle’s podcast series on A New Earth, and it’s been sparking insights reminiscent of my yoga training days. In short, I love this journal and how it fosters good habits, innovation, creativity, and joy. Highly recommend!


My dear friend Emma and I talked about balance today. Motherhood is this elusive act of trying to gain balance in life when in reality, we all juggle 15 plates and keep trying to pile it on. We yearn for “easier” days while simultaneously clutch to the moments we’re needed. It’s an outpouring of constant love and selflessness. With a more consistent meditation practice, I feel more grounded than I have been in a long time. This opens up a lot for me – I’m more patient with Amaya. I model deep breaths and set clearer boundaries. I catch myself before I ruminate or worry. I communicate to Andy how I feel and am clear about what I need from him. I have more space for creativity. I also find more ways (more frequently) to fill up my cup so I’m more fully available to my family. On that note, big news! Christine and I are embarking on our 24 year Friendiversary trip in two weeks to Santa Fe, NM! But back to balance. Today Amaya called me mom. It was weird. I felt like I could see her as a teenager so clearly in that moment. Why does she have to grow up so fast?! But then a few hours later she woke up crying from a nightmare, and I picked her up, brought her to the rocker, and just held her. My big kid with her legs dangling at my sides. I love witnessing her new milestones, and at the same time I fiercely miss those days when she needed me so much (when I was wishing she could more on her own). I know it’s crazy. But this is motherhood. This is what balance looks like for me.

Memorable Moments:

  • Saturday morning yoga practices with Amaya, Elmo, and Cookie Monster
  • While chasing Amaya, she turns around and says “Shoo fly don’t bother me!”
  • Eating spaghetti Lady and the Tramp style <3
  • Talking to Andy about how to reset on weekends for our family and sanity
  • Taking lots of me time: writing at a wine bar, mani pedi, back to the yoga studio, connecting with girlfriends
  • Date night for Andy’s company anniversary party
  • Amaya sticking Elmo in her shirt “I have baby like Auntie Lisa” (who is pregnant)
  • MLK day – Thinkery and lunch date with Amaya
  • Grocery trip to Whole Foods that cost double our normal weekly bill but was filled with so much JOY
  • Lots of great connections with colleagues during our offsite, farewell HH, and baby shower
  • Sushi dinner with Uncle Mickey in town, Amaya and Gavin kiss on the lips
  • Amaya’s first poop on the toilet – she initiated!!
  • Mantooth family date
  • Going back to the little gym and watching Amaya volunteer for each skill
  • Mama’s dinner and all the potty training talk :)
  • Potty training week 1, success!

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