2 years 1 month – big girl


Amaya – “I’m a big girl now.” You are constantly trying to establish independence and assert your yourself. There’s never any question about what you want and need at any moment, and I appreciate the direct and playful way you communicate. If this is a foreshadow of your future, the world is in good hands. We need more fierce, authentic communication! Bravo Amaya :)

You Like: wearing dresses, pockets, playing kitchen with Elmo and Cookie Monster, “surprises” (aka cookies), yellow kiwi, getting snacks by yourself from the pantry, brushing your own teeth and washing your hands, sitting on the big toilet, reading books about feelings and articulating your own, helping mommy vacuum

You Dislike: when people try to do things for you, being told what to do

Stats: 24 lbs, 18 months clothes (moving into 2T soon), size 6 shoe

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: Christmas themes like fireplace, nutcracker, and angel; learning Vietnamese (counting to 10, colors, and parts of the body, house-hold objects)
  • New songs: baby shark, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
  • New concepts: vagina and boobies (“no touch!”), sayibng “walk away” when you need space, feelings like proud, scared, and angry, sitting on the toilet consistently (hasn’t peed yet), taking off clothes by yourself, yoga and meditation (poses, how to Om, Namaste, and deep breathing)


What I value as Amaya’s strength is also the biggest cause of losing my patience – her negotiation skills. Amaya requires a strong and consistent leader, and this is my challenge – to lead her with firmness, love, and grace. I often lose my cool and get upset or raise my tone. Once I grabbed something from her b/c she wouldn’t listen to me, and she lowered her head in reaction to my anger and physical touch. It brought me shame but reminded me to take care of my mental health and to remember my advantage over her (intellectually and emotionally). She deserves for me to be better and to be more even-tempered. I find she will oblige and when I stand my ground consistently. Amaya will always be my greatest teacher.


My word for 2019 is truth. This year I dedicate myself to speaking authentically, staying grounded in my values and what’s important for me and family, and maintaining my conviction in the midst of others’ opinions and expectations. On this note, many people constantly ask me if it’s time for #2 (along with commentary about my age and Amaya’s). I’d like challenge people to have a more authentic conversation and perhaps try an open, unassuming approach: how do you feel about having more children? My answer, at the moment, is neutral. We’re not trying, but we aren’t closing any doors. We’d like Amaya to have a sibling, but we aren’t ready to have another child at this moment. We both love our life and our family dynamic, and we are cherishing every moment we have with Amaya to learn and grow. Andy is blossoming in his career, and I’m thriving in mine. We are happy. I’d love to share more one-on-one. Thanks in advance for taking the time to inquire!

Memorable Moments:

  • Opening Xmas gifts and throwing all the clothes on the floor (“I want toys!”)
  • Catching you and Camila sharing and saying “Thank you!” to each other
  • Spending lots of time with family over Xmas
  • Your first time getting Alexa to understand a command! “Alexa, play Baby Shark”
  • Decorating cookies (and licking all the icing first) at JT and Annie’s birthday party
  • Going down the big slide at the park without hesitation, and flying off and landing on your feet before you pitched forward and fell on your face. You cried for a second then got over it. I’m proud of your fearlessness!
  • Reading your “Proud” book and telling me you eat all your food and help mommy vacuum
  • Sitting on the toilet and reading potty books
  • Making Olivia dance and jumping up and down to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (you LOVE Selena)
  • Playing hide-and-seek
  • Taking deep breaths together on the yoga mat

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