2 years 5 months – gratitude


Amaya! Happy happy 2 years and 5 months! This month, I am feeling constant gratitude for this incredible journey. You have shown so much character over the past few weeks, and I’m thankful just to bear witness to you each day. You’ve shown:

  • empathy – understanding the impact of your words and actions and saying sorry when you’ve hurt others’ feelings; also intuiting when I’m not feeling myself and reassuring me it’s ok
  • compassion – willingly sharing your toys with new kids at the coffee shop and feeling joy from seeing their happiness
  • courage – walking up to a mom and her sons all by yourself to ask if you can share their ball
  • initiative – requesting bean bags from the barista so you can play cornhole; asking for what you want!
  • presence – being fully in the moment and breaking out into a dance after we walked by an outdoor concert

I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal this year, and we say thank you to our stars every night. The consistent things that show up are small, seemingly insignificant moments of presence and connection (ie. sharing a cup of ice cream – chocolate for me, vanilla for you) and also people. The things we are grateful for can’t be measured by time but rather quality of connection. This means an hour with you once a month can go a long way towards leaving a mark on your heart.


This past weekend I wrote the first chapter of my book! Technically I wrote the last chapter so I would have a north star for where I’m going, but it’s my first complete chapter! The hardest part was really just starting. I went to the Writing Barn two weekends ago for a write away day, but there I met another women who shared some tips on structuring a memoir. It gave me clear direction on how to break up and organize my book, and those exercises catapulted me forward. It’s amazing to connect with other writers and share ideas and best practices. I felt vulnerable speaking up and sharing my book idea, and afterwards, two moms came up to me and thanked me for writing on this topic because they wished they had something like it when they first became moms. Every day I’m validating what my heart already knows to be true, and I’m grateful to be doing this work.

Self Discovery

I’m currently on a pursuit of redefining my purpose in regards to work. I think about how I spend a majority of my days and life at work, and I want this time to feel meaningful. For me, meaning equates to helping people, learning, and continually growing. Any time I spend apart from my family should help me return to them feeling grounded and ready to be present. I don’t give myself the space to continually ask myself if my needs are being met at work, but right now I’m proactively giving it some thought and having conversations with others to gain perspective. Whenever I allow myself space and time for introspection, good things result. I’m enjoying this process and grateful to my incredible network of friends and (former) colleagues who have shared their experiences and insights.


  • Amaya watched her first full movie (in two parts) – Spider man enter the spider verse! She loved it, and our entire family is listening to Sunflower by Post Malone on repeat :)
  • Visiting Houston – quality time with grandparents and family; Amaya dragged all 4 grandparents to the playground and dragged both her grandpas onto the playscape
  • Easter egg hunting with Maggie’s family – she honestly didn’t pick up a single egg, just stared at the massive crowd of crazy kids; she preferred her practice hunts in my parent’s backyard
  • Slow weekends at Zilker park playing soccer – Amaya can kick a ball straight and loves to run!
  • Saturday morning coffee shop dates – my urban child is obsessed with coffee shops
  • Love for dresses – currently still obsessed with her purple butterfly dress and newly obsessed with a minnie mouse hand me down from Camila
  • Loves to cock her head to the side and grin when she asks for something special
  • For the first time, Amaya requested Andy put her to sleep instead of me!
  • Learned how to put on underwear, pants, and shoes (still working on shirts)
  • Knows how to take off her diaper and climb out of her crib (eep!)

Another month down, a lifetime of memories gained!

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