20 months – groovin


Happy 20 months Amaya!

I still marvel every day at something about you. Last night I let the dogs out and saw your tiny sandals on the back patio and smiled at the thought of you splashing around in puddles from the hose that afternoon. We’re enjoying slow summer days and taking walks to get the mail. Our little family of 3 is definitely thriving, and I love every second of our sweet life! Thank you for being our light.

You Like: coloring, chalking, pretzels, going to gymnastics (esp the balance beam and high bar), watching Daniel Tiger (even though we’re still trying to limit screen time), buses, Feist – 1234 on Sesame Street, pizza! seeing babies, your milk and cookies pjs

You Dislike: changing out of your pjs

Stats: You’re tall enough to open doors! Eep.

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: you’re singing the ABCs and happy birthday, saying short phrases like “one more time,” you said “miss mama” the other day when I came to pick you up!
  • Reading: you follow along and respond to phrases in Mr. Brown Can Moo

Amaya-isms: funny things you do that are uniquely you!

  • Walking around with your hands behind your back like an old lady
  • Fist pumping when the beat to your favorite songs drop
  • Swiping your hand back and forth when you’re done eating food
  • Putting stickers on our cheeks
  • Laying your head on my shoulder to snuggle
  • Self-soothing by sucking your forearm (but your lips don’t connect to your arm)
  • Gulping loudly when you drink water
  • Your obsession with shoes
  • How you like your food separated and not touching
  • Making tons of facial expressions – cute face, side eye, and frowny face


There is a lot of ease in my life right now. As a family of 3, we have really hit our stride. Amaya is a great sleeper and good eater; she also communicates what she needs which makes it pretty easy on us. Andy started a new job and is already making a ton of impact. I recently won a marketing award at work (9 people out of 300 worldwide received one), which was really validating of my hard effort. We often talk about when we want to grow our family, but right now we are just relishing in the ease and sweetness of our life and enjoying time with Amaya.

Travel Itch

I’ve had a recent travel itch now that Amaya is more independent; I feel more comfortable with leaving her and Andy without worrying so much. I guess the universe conspired to make this happen, because I’m heading to Tokyo in two weeks for a work trip! I’m a bit nervous to be so far away (even though it’s quite a short trip for Asia, only 7 days), but I feel confident it’ll be a great trip for me and also quality bonding time for Andy and Amaya. I’m excited to return to Japan!

Memorable moments:

  • Our bbq that got rained out on the 4th of July, and watching Coco at Tiffany and Ben’s
  • Bathtime with Gavin
  • The first time you did a flip on the high bar, your face lit up, and you had the biggest smile! You’re so brave
  • Holding hands with Olive at gymnastics
  • Celebrating Allie’s birthday and cancer survivorship!
  • Celebrating dad’s birthday in Houston
  • Celebrating mom’s birthday in Austin
  • Hanging out with your buddies Cody and Camila
  • Spending time with Uncle Richard in Austin and chalking outside
  • Hanging with Uncle Mike and attending Kamilla’s sip and see
  • Eating out at Bufalina (a non-kid friendly restaurant), and you were wonderful! No one noticed we were there, which is a good thing :)

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