21 months – feelings

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Happy 21 months Amaya!

This month, you had some huge breakthroughs in understanding certain concepts and being able to relate to others. You’re learning how to apologize when you misbehave, how to show empathy for others, and how to express sadness and fear. I’ve been reading The Whole-Brain Child, which has helped us talk about these experiences and your feelings. It’s so fascinating to watch you grow and learn; you’re teaching me so much! You also had a great time with dad while I was in Tokyo (even thought you’ve digressed a bit since I came back). So proud of you both!

You Like: fun pajamas, Sesame Street and Daniel Tiger, food in general, shoes, stickers of donuts and ice cream, watching snaps of “Amiya” (Camila) and “baby” (Joel), FaceTiming with Uncle Richard, eating ice cream and pizza, mangos, going on tall balance beam and the rings in gymnastics

You Dislike: waiting your turn, when things aren’t done a specific way, Terri coming near you when there’s food in your hand, riding in your stroller, the pool

Stats: Around 20 lbs, tall enough to open doors and drawers, size 6 shoe

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: counting to 10, recognizing letters, esp “A for Amaya,” learning and recalling peoples’ names, bless you mama, nice meet ya, go away, ice cream, donut, and sorry
  • New songs: ABCs, Octopus’s Garden, Sesame Street theme, C is for Cookie
  • New concepts: saying sorry, “no touch” for personal body parts, waiting for your turn, talking about emotions (fear, sadness, anger)

Arigato Japan!

My trip to Japan was so much fun! It was super productive work week and also extremely rejuvenating for this mama. I felt an old part of me reawaken after not having traveled out of the country for two years. I also loved being in a country where I language I barely understood the language. It was fun piecing together conversations in Japanese and broken English! Andy and Amaya Facetimed me every morning and night, which worked out perfectly for our schedules. Amaya was a bit clingy after my return, but we’ve been talking through it. More to come on our conversations!

Playing with friends

Amaya has started interacting and playing with her friends instead of just doing parallel play around them. In the mornings we talk about seeing her friends Walter and RayRay. When we go to the gym she looks for her friend Olive. And after having a play date with Gavin and Joaquin, she references them and asks to see pictures. She actually asked for an old sippy cup similar to the one Joaquin was using when we saw him. It’s so cute to see her giggling with and sharing with her friends!

Dates with mama

Last weekend we went over to Liz’s for a play date with Gavin, Hendrix, and Sydney. Amaya freaked out when she saw the pool, and I think she’s traumatized from the 4th of July when she saw people falling off a mechanical bull floaty. She may have thought they were drowning, or it was just too rowdy which caused her to burst into tears multiple times. So we bailed and went on our first mama daughter date to Pinthouse Pizza and Lick. It was so much fun! Amaya is a great date because she loves to do the things I love! When she was giving the buzzer for our food, she looked at it confused and said, “Pizza?!” And then she proceeded to try to ask for pizza from people sitting on both sides of us, lol. She’s also not the best person to share ice cream with because she hogs it all, and then when she finished, she was stunned to realize it’s not bottomless just b/c the counter still has ice cream containers in it.

Memorable moments:

  • FaceTiming at opposite sides of the day – singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Amaya while Andy put her to bed
  • Getting a huge hug from Amaya when I got back home – immediately following by, “eat!”
  • Play time with our neighbors JT and Annie (5 year-old twins who adore Amaya)
  • Play date with Gavin – finally playing with kids instead of just parallel play
  • Labor Day weekend bbq, watching the first UT game of the season, and hanging out with Joaquin “Whateen” and Maddox
  • Freaking out about the pool and bailing out on another play date at Auntie Liz’s
  • Mama and Amaya date night at Pinthouse and Lick – lots of emphatic screams for “pizzaaaa” and “more” after she finished her ice cream

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