22 months – honeymoon phase


Happy 22 months Amaya!

“They grow too fast.” Your dad and I hate cliches, yet this one is so true, we can’t help but say it. Your physical and mental development have grown tremendously since you transitioned to your new classroom. Mornings have been a bit tearful, but overall you’re excited to see familiar faces from your previous classes. It’s fun to see you progress with your classmates! Daddy and I love observing what you think, do, and say. We’re enjoying a little honeymoon phase and just soaking up this fun, sweet time with you!

You Like: watching buses go by, smoothies and green juice, learning to catch/throw balls, being outside, coloring with markers, FaceTiming with your pals Camila/Joel, Cody/Penny, hanging with your classmates Olive and Poppy, jumping around to the song “No Excuses” by Meghan Trainor, hiding behind the blinds, spending “me and you” time with dada, Lianne La Havas, sitting on your new little potty, running, pancakes, Sesame Street

You Dislike: the sun shining in your face (too bright!), stalling before bath and stalling at the end of the bath (shrugs)

Stats: getting heavier and taller! still in 18 months clothes

Developmental Milestones:
  • New words: learning her colors, fart, ong/ba noi, ong/ba ngoai
  • New songs: “If all the raindrops” and “The wheels on the bus”
  • New concepts: pushing in your chair, cleaning up your plate, sitting on the potty without your diaper on (baby steps!), taking a deep breath after feeling frustrated

Honeymoon Phase

Andy and I have been in such a sweet honeymoon phase the past couple of months. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but we are treasuring the good life: easy going days, good communication, solo time, regular efforts to connect, feeling impactful at work, and enjoying time with Amaya. For me, I’ve been cognizant of taking care of myself (eating well, regularly working out, social outings with friends) and also soaring at work. I feel very grounded. Andy has also been making huge strides in his new job, and he’s had some sweet breakthroughs in his relationship with Amaya; she’s always been more attached to me, but lately she’s loved her daddy time!

As a result of this ease, we’ve started having conversations about growing our family. But now with a toddler in tow, I’m definitely more realistic about pregnancy and how life will change with two. I don’t feel ready yet, but I don’t want to wait too long either. For now, we’re slowing down, soaking up the sweetness, and being present for all these wonderful moments. I mean, can I get a hell yes for parenthood feeling like a honeymoon phase with a toddler?! Gratitude.

Memorable Moments:

  • Weekend in Houston at my parents’ house, getting the kids together with Maggie and Allie, dinner with the in-laws and cousins
  • Getting smoothies with Uncle Richard
  • Chalking with Uncle Brian
  • Babysitting adventures with Auntie Liz and Uncle Derick while mom and dad went to a wedding
  • Adventures with Evie and Amelia – trying to climb in to and out of the crib, taking over the baby monitor as walkie talkies, bath time, and lots of laughs
  • Spending with Uncle Trandy
  • Playing with Uncle Lou’s instruments!
  • Trying green curry for the first time
  • Shake Shack, Brewtorium, and first taste of Truluck’s carrot cake for Auntie Liz’s birthday
  • Eating ice cream at Manoli’s and practicing Spanish!
  • Daddy time – tickling on the couch, sharing a green juice, and watching football
  • Spending time with our sweet neighbors JT and Annie
  • The time daddy taught you to say “mama farted” anytime you or he actually farted -_-
  • New bedtime ritual – you give me multiple kisses on the lips and let me kiss you several times on each cheek

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