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I posted the picture above and this status to Instagram yesterday.

For those who know me, Ive had a longtime passion and maybe obsession for fitness. I’ve worked out 4-5 days a week on average for several years now. I do yoga, barre, and Pilates lately, and previously I did triathlon training for a few years and also rode the ms150. I don’t go to the gym or lift, but I’m blessed with a pretty strong core. I critique my thighs and arms all the time. I got down to 108 lbs before my wedding last year which was my high school weight. I put on some happy weight lately and haven’t been inspired by my workouts. I want to feel better and tone up, not shed pounds. So starting today I’m giving Kayla Itsines #bbg workout a try for the next 12 weeks. I am putting this out there to hold me accountable. Everyone’s their own worst critic, and I am definitely mine. But Andy and I have a mantra to “always be better,” and he’s on his workout game strong. My turn to step up. Excited to share progress and results!

It made me feel vulnerable and a bit nervous, but the comments were instant and overwhelming, so I had to share:

  • abeautifulrawr: Oh Sherrie, you are beautiful girl!!! Can’t wait to see your progress, although you look amazing already.
  • conwong88: good luck Sherrie!! Always inspiring with your fitness goals and drive!
  • _liane_ This looks like an after picture to me
  • tracygraaace: You’re so beautiful, Sherrie, you don’t even know it.

Why BBG and why now?

My friend Carol posted her progress on this plan after 12 weeks. Her before and after pictures were amazing! Like me, she’s already a workout enthusiast but wanted to work on sculpting/toning specific areas of the body. We are all given this amazing body to live in and cherish, so why not do everything you can to feel good in it? I had been going through the motions of my workouts and wasn’t feeling inspired and therefore stopped really pushing myself. My diet had also gone askew, and I could tell because of my digestion. I started to complain to my husband, and then he told me to try something new and set a goal towards it. I don’t normally “set goals”, but in this case, I felt the need to really shake things up and get to a good baseline. Well for that, I need some structure and guidance. So I checked out the website and the guides and decided there’s no better time like now.

What is it?

It’s composed of Resistance Training (circuit workouts), Cardio Training (Low Intensity Steady State and High Intensity Interval Training), and Rehabilitation. I’m game for all of these styles. I like the spurts of effort with minimal recovery, and I love the emphasis on foam rolling too!

What’s it going to take?

Diet – I know that diet is a huge component of being fit and healthy. I used to take for granted that I could eat whatever and work it off. I’m 30 now and a bit wiser. I have been eating out more, consuming more sweets, and eating carbs that are not very nutritious. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon, so now I have a choice to get back on and stay on. The big thing for me is not saying no. I don’t have to prohibit myself and make eating stressful, but there are things I will choose over others: lean proteins, lots of fresh veggies, no artificial sugar, high fibers. This means lots of chicken and fish, my fave veggies (usually roasted), leafy greens and salads, and going back to making my morning muesli!

Focus – Andy is a huge accountibuddy in this area. Remember he’s the one that rolls out my mat and says, “Something is better than nothing!” Laziness, travel, social events, etc. make it easy to skip a workout and go eat, drink, sleep instead. Sometimes you have to get creative with your schedule, and I like how I can technically do the BBG workouts anywhere, be it a hotel room, the park, or at home. Also, prioritize! I have tons of likeminded friends who will either join me for a workout or wait to meet up after I’m done. 45 minutes a day is not too much to ask. This is your life!

Empowerment – With the comments above, I am reminded of the empowering friends with whom I surround myself. I never hesitated to post this goal or my pic because I thought someone would critique me. In fact, it’s completely true that I am my own worst critic. Everyone is so overwhelmingly enthusiastic, encouraging, and some are even on board and doing the workout too! “You are the company you keep.” In my case, I’m truly humbled to have constant inspiration around me in the form of strong, beautiful, amazing women (and men!).

So here goes! I’ll post progress in a few weeks!

Check out her guides here: http://www.kaylaitsines.com/collections/guides



  • Jenn Wang April 23, 2015 Reply

    Love this, Sherrie! Very inspirational. And LOVE the word, accountibuddy!!!

    • sherrienguyen April 23, 2015 Reply

      Yay Jenn, I’m not surprised you love that word! Thanks for the good vibes, girl <3

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